Neos VR: A Decentralized Space for Virtual Creations to Coexist

From the trippy experience in ‘Sightline, The Chair’ to the innovativeness of ‘World of Comenius’, the founders of Neos VR have worked with virtual reality for long enough to earn at the very least, an honorable mention in the VR hall of fame. The VR game developers do not need the participation trophy though. Neos VR is a decentralized metaverse that generalize social experiences in an innovative way, creating a space for virtual creations to coexist that is unprecedented.

About Neos VR

Neos VR is a metaverse based on a simple architecture designed to synchronize worlds and behaviors within it. The goal is simple; to blend architecture and networking so as to create a layer that solves problems for service providers and content creators. The core of the application is built in such a way that it allows fast designs and quick implementations for new components, subsystems, and tools without needing any programming knowledge.

Additionally, each part of the system pairs with the rest automatically through the scripting language used in the app. Since the building blocks are low level, the engine is free from issues found in other creative platforms. This means that the user has as much control of their content as possible. The building blocks also guarantee things like serialization and automatic network replication. In short, whatever you build will work in multiplayer without you having to put more effort into it.

Neos VR is looking to introduce other features like license tracking and multi-language support. The company looks to speed up the transition from two-dimensional computing interfaces to spatial interfaces with the hope that people feel less alone. Ultimately, they seek to bridge the divide between implementing an idea and imagining it.

The In-verse Economy

As more content creators sign up to the metaverse, the community grows. The potential for an in-verse economy that can handle the community becomes apparent. How do the members make a living in the platform?

The market in the platform seeks to meet needs like self-fulfillment. Each member gets an opportunity to form relationships and participate in social interactions and creative activities like education and art and hopefully, they achieve self-actualization. Neos VR allows you to explore your curiosity. There, you can navigate your interests and learn on the move, and not just because you are on a timeline, but because it is fun.

The Token

Neos credits cryptocurrency (NCR) token is used within the market and with other cryptocurrency interconnected markets to transfer value. NCR will be distributed to the early adopters and supporters so that they can participate in the economy. Those who help to advance the metaverse are rewarded first using the ‘minting process.’

You can get NCR by sending Ethereum directly to an address listed on Neos website, or as a reward if you sign up as a patreon. Money raised during the ICO will go to the development of the metaverse. The initial minting price for NCR is 0.06USD, and there is a total supply of 50 000 000NCR. The ICO is looking to raise 238 million USD.

Benefits of Neos VR

  • Creative freedom – Members are able to build and alter things inside the metaverse in multiplayer and in real time.
  • Networking made easy – If you would rather hang out, Neos VR allows you to use features that other developers or creators have built. In this sense, it is like a workshop – you can simply study what others are building.
  • A platform for all – Everyone, regardless of their skill level and background finds a place in the platform. University researchers, hobbyists, and professionals all interact and figure things out together.
  • Supports accessories – Neos VR offers support for leap motion and trackers. Developers who want support for full body suits also find functionality. In the metaverse, players take different forms, and not just hand and head combos.
  • Decentralization– Neos software is decentralized by design (built on Ethereum). Any user can host as many peers as his computational capabilities allow.

Neos VR is an exciting project and perhaps one of the best tools for social VR world creation in the world. It is easily at the same level as High Fidelity except it is more accessible since the engine is free and based on blockchain technology. It also helps that 3D formats can be added into the platform. The social aspect may be challenging to gauge given that few people have adopted it. The rooms have few people, but that can be worked on as long as the features work correctly.


White Paper: https://neosvr.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/whitepaper.pdf

Website: https://neosvr.com/

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