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Caliente Network to Hold Initial Coin Offering on August 18

Powered by blockchain technology, the network will be supported by platforms and apps

LAS VEGAS August 3, 2021 The Caliente Network, a new Metaverse and content creation platform, is announcing its upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be held on August 18. The new rising all-purpose BSC marketplace with a fully functioning ecosystem already made and ready to use.

The Caliente Network will provide easy tools for users to create unique, immersive experiences while helping creators protect their content and monetizing it. It will also allow creators, studios and brands to express themselves and showcase their content in unique environments without any censorship.

“Our aim is to become a content creator/development powerhouse. What we create will be powered by our blockchain technology, using our very own deflationary token El Caliente, and we will be releasing a series of platforms and apps to support the network,” said a spokesperson for the Caliente Network.

Industries the Caliente Network plans to launch platforms for are Content Creation, VR/AR, Entertainment and NFT. These are some of the industries that the Caliente Network is directly going to launch projects in. Almost a Trillion dollars’ worth of market share is for the taking for The Caliente Network. 

The first platforms already ready to use are:

Caliente.Store: The main E-Commerce platform for all the products of Caliente Network. Where digital/physical assets are made to make money for creators.

Caliente.Market: A new kind of gig economy for everyone. We will not turn away any Hot Content that most competing gig spaces refuse.

Calientes.Live: LiveCams on a BSC protocol, using blockchain technology to create private, anonymous livestreams and chat rooms.

In Addition, The Caliente Network will launch CALIENTE.ME, or “Create Your Own Spice,” Where creators go to build their brand and reach the masses.

CALIENTE.WORLDis the network’s virtual and augmented reality platform. The Caliente Network is developing a platform to create spaces in VR/AR world, with tools to enable auctions, events, concerts, campaigns and competitions for content creators.

CALIENTE.NFTwill be a marketplace for virtual, exclusive, rare and collectible content. On the platform, creators will be able to invite fans to take part in these rarities in ways that will

bring many opportunities for creators and brands.

“From the largest sporting events to DIY creation, audiences are looking for unique ways to be engaged. Using our launchpad, we will do all the work for you,” the Caliente Network spokesperson said.

For more information, visit caliente.fun.


[email protected] or find us at @CalienteNetwork

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