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Free Ripple – How to earn free XRP Coins in 2020

This article will showcase the most popular methods one can earn free Ripple (XRP coin) in 2020.

Microtask platforms offering XRP Payments


The platform has a good track record with over 1.2 million USD worth of Ripple paid out and over 500,000 members.

This microtask platform rewards you by doing the following tasks:

You earn points for doing tasks, which can be redeemed to XRP coins. 10,000 points equals to 1 XRP coin. Withdrawals are free to your Coinbase account. 

The platform also offers payments in a wide range of other currencies such as Bitcoin, PayPal, Litecoin and Stellar.


Earncrypto is a microtask platform that lets users earn free ripple (or choose between 50+ of other cryptocurrencies to get paid in) by doing tasks such as:

Ripple Faucet

As Ripple is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, there are a high number of faucets that offer free Ripple. A faucet is a website that offers you to claim free coins with certain intervals. The faucets can do this by requiring participants to click on an advertisement before claiming the price. 

Here are three of the best crypto faucets that let their users claim XRP coins: – Ripple Faucet

Coinfaucet launched in October 2017 and is one of the earliest XRP faucets. Here can claim your faucet price every hour. For additional rolls, you can click on sponsored links, and they publish a bonus roll code on Twitter every day. 

Faucet Info:




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