Advertise Coin ICO: Decentralized Advertisement Marketplace

About the project

Advertise Coin is a project that is working on launching a decentralized, crypto based advertisement exchange that efficiently connects publishers and advertisers in a new world.

It is a Decentralized Advertise Marketplace that simplifies and standardizes advertisement exchanges with the help of blockchain technology.


Advertise Coin is based on an already working system that switched from Fiat to Cryptocurrency.

Advertise Coin can be used as the exchange unit for their advertisement marketplace as well as other partnered ad exchange platforms. ADCO has already been implemented as a payment option on some advertisement markets, and will in the future be set as the only available payment option on the markets in the future, efficiently creating a demand for the tokens.

One of the main partnered advertisement exchanges the Advertise Coin (ADCO) can be used on is the Webhit.net exchange, a traffic exchange platform with several million visits daily. The project is partnered with additional internet advertisement platforms to use their ADCO token as a medium of exchange for their platforms.

Over 7 million tokens has already been exchanged through ADCO and their partnered ad exchange platform.

The price of services with ADCO is much cheaper than all the others advertising systems.

Investors will also be able to lock their tokens to receive passive income in the form of interest. During the ICO, individuals choosing to lock their tokens will be able to earn up to 28% APR interest.


The private sale for Advertise Coin started 10th of February 2021, and ended 31st of March. The main sale of the token started April 1st and will continue until 1st January 2022.

The main ICO sale is split into two rounds. In the first round 14.5 million tokens are sold at a price of 0.024$. During the second ICO round 20 millions tokens are allocated at a price of 0.027$.

The ADCO token is already trading at the TokPie exchange with a current price of approx 0.04$, meaning that there is significant profit to make if the price is kept at this level until the token distribution from the ICO.

Token Allocations

Team: 10%
Bonuses and bounties: 15%
ICO sale: 75%

Private Sale and ICO rounds

Private Sale
Duration: 10.02.2021 – 31.03.2021
Price: 0.015050 $
Supply: 3 000 000 ADCO

ICO Round 1
Duration: 01.04.2021 – 30.06.2021
Price 0.024081 $
Supply: 14 500 000 ADCO

ICO Round 2
Duration: 01.07.2021 – 01.01.2022
Price: 0.027091 $
Supply: 20 000 000 ADCO

Airdrop & Referral Program

100 free ADCO tokens (current value approx. $4) is distributed for everyone who completes the registration.

There is a 10% referral bonus for purchase, and individuals who refer others to register on the site also earns 20 ADCO coins for each member that registers on the site through their referral link.

Airdrop instructions:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Register an account
  3. Conform your mail adress
  4. Fill out the profile.
  5. Done, wait for distribution!

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