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Top BAT Coin Faucets + Earn $8 Worth of BAT on Coinbase

In this article I will list all the top BAT coin faucet available in 2020. In addition to BAT faucets, I will also list some of the best methods to earn BAT tokens. Read on to learn more! 

                                                                                                                                    offer faucets for BAT token and BNB (Binance Coin). Our opinion is that the payout average is pretty low and the withdraw fee is quite high.

Faucet Info:
Claim: Once per 30. minute
Rewards: 0.00006901 BAT – 69.01000000 BAT
Withdraw minimum: 10 BAT
Withdraw Fee: 1.7 BAT

The faucet also has a referral program where you earn more based on the number of people you refer (2-100%).

Sign up to Topcoin here. 



Earncrypto is not a faucet, but it offers plenty of ways to earn BAT tokens.

Here you can earn BAT (or choose between 50+ other coins to get paid out with) by:

  1. Completing surveys
  2. Playing games
  3.  Watching videos
  4. You also earn 10% of every member referred to the platform.

Sign up to Earncrypto here. 


ES Faucet

ES Faucet is another BAT faucet. The ES Faucets consists of 12 different faucets. You get a daily bonus and can complete offers for additional rewards.

Faucet Info:
Claim: Every 5 minutes
Reward: 0.00006901 BAT – 69.01000000 BAT
Withdraw minimum: 10 BAT
Withdraw Fee: Free withdrawal to CoinBase account.
Referral program: Earn 20% of referral rewards + 2500 ES Coin bonus for each (ES Coins can be used to increase rewards, buy website views etc.).

Sign up to ES Faucet here and receive a 2500 ES Coin bonus.


Earn 8$ worth of BAT on CoinBase

Coinbase has a program named “earn”, here they reward users for learning about new cryptocurrencies that are listed on the exchange.

By participating in the BAT earn lessons, you will earn $8 worth of BAT for going through a few short informative videos about the coin and downloading the BAT Browser. It should take approx 10. minutes of your time.

How to Earn $8 in Bat on Coinbase

  1. Register on Coinbase here
  2. Go to the Coinbase Earn page here

NOTE: Not everyone can participate in the program right away. If you are not eligble, click on the “Join waitlist” button to be notified when there are free spots.


How to earn more BAT

If you are interested in earning more BAT, you can earn more of the coin passively just by using the BAT Browser.

Download the BRAVE Browser here.

Additionally, you can earn more tokens by referring other users to download and use the browser. The referral reward is up to 7.5$ per user.


About the BAT Token

BAT is a Ethereum token used in a separate web browser where you can get paid and decide on the ads you see. In June 2018, BAT confirmed that it had over 2.7 million registered users. BAT is often cited as an example of “blockchain in use”. 

As of January 2020 the token has a market cap of close to 300 million USD. The token is listed on several popular exchanges including Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.

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