4 Best Crypto Traders You Should Be Following

The crypto markets move at the speed of light and, if you’re a newbie looking to get started, the reality is that you probably won’t be able to keep up. With 1000s of coins to choose from and scammers lurking around every corner of the web, you have a long road ahead of you if you want to become a master of digital currency.

That’s why you need to lean on the knowledge of those who have come before you. Luckily there are a ton of great crypto personality accounts that are kind enough to share their wisdom. But how do you choose the best to follow? We’ve got you covered with our selection of the 4 most elite traders on Twitter.

If you’re new to crypto and weighing basic early questions like “what’s the next bitcoin?” or comparing Gemini vs Coinbase, the accounts below are essential to furthering your knowledge:


@CryptoCobain on Twitter – Cobie is a crypto twitter OG (and arguably the founder). He’s not as active as some of the other traders on this list, but, the man is a legend for a reason and has built a substantial fortune from his work in the market. Half the time he’ll be shitposting, and usually the rest of the time he won’t be seriously tweeting, but when he does decide to share some knowledge on the actual markets? You should listen.


@loomdart on Twitter – Stick with me here. You’re gonna follow loomdart. Then you’re gonna read about 8 tweets that seem like the incoherent ramblings of an internet addicted child. The 9th tweet will finally seem somewhat relevant to crypto. The 10th tweet will then be a legitimate price target with entry information and education on why he’s taking the trade. And then that 10th tweet is going to be right on the money and you’re going to be in awe at how an account that seems to post pure garbage 80% of the time is one of the best sources of alpha on Twitter. 


@CryptoDonAlt on Twitter – DonAlt is the polar opposite of loomdart, 9/10 tweets pure educational terrific content and just a little bit of shitposting to keep things interesting. If you had to pick one account on this list to learn from, it’s going to be DonAlt every time. It’s great that he’s a duck too, because eventually you get to send the account to your friends and tell them your financial advisor is a cartoon duck and they’ll think you’re crazy (until they follow him too and realize he’s a genius).


@CryptoCred on Twitter – DonAlt’s partner in crime. Within the crypto world they seem to be attached at the hip, and he’s a complete match with DonAlt’s level of quality analysis. They also recently started creating YouTube videos which are highly educational for anyone that wants to learn more about crypto. Cred even wrote a free trading guide to get beginners bootstrapped from the ground up in understanding markets. A true gentleman and scholar.

Continuing Your Education

The 4 traders above are excellent, but after absorbing some of their knowledge don’t forget to move on and find other interesting accounts. And who should you trust? Well, here’s a hint, the accounts these accounts follow are public 😉

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