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Latium Airdrop Worth $15 – Already Listed on Exchanges

Short description

Latium is a freelance-platform that is mostly being used for microtasks like social media sharing, joining exchanges etc. The platform sold over $50 million USD worth of tokens in the ICO.

The project is currently doing two airdrops where you can earn up to  850 coins ($15).
The coin is already trading on a number of exchanges incuding YoBit and BitForex.  Check the live price and exchange listings here.

How To Join Airdrop

  1. Register on the Latium platform here.
  2. Verify that you are a human by clicking dashboard – Get Verified. Finish the process to receive 100 LATX tokens. Reduced to 10 tokens.
  3. Fill out a review survey about the platform here and earn 750 LATX tokens ($15) Ended


Proof of human  can be done instantly after registration. To successfully prove that you are human you need to have a connected webcam.

For the review survey, you have to click “apply”, and wait for the team to accept your appication before you start working (you will be notified by mail). When you are done send a screenshot of the message in the survey after completion and click “mark as finished”.

After the team has verificated your entries, you will receive 850 Latium coins ($17).