10 Marketing Strategies to make profits from the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The crypto industry is heating up and with more number of customers joining the crypto revolution. According to Trade Crypto 101, the total volume of cryptocurrency exchanged was $64.25 billion in the year 2018. It is more clear that Cryptocurrency traders are now reaching out to the crypto exchanges to trade the cryptocurrency with the other.

Marketing your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

With so many cryptocurrency launches happening every single day it has become an inevitable task to promote the cryptocurrency exchange platform. By handling good marketing strategies, you can make the product visible to your global audience. Added, marketing can help you with building the awareness of your product and thus can grow your community.

Pre-requisites before starting with Marketing Campaigns:

  • Identifying the Target audience

The primary thing while starting with marketing campaigns is to figure out your customer base. Some investors determine their customers in the development phase itself. Yes, appreciated. But if in case you haven’t done, you can do it and make your marketing strategy confined to them.

  • Surround yourself with advisors and mentors

Since your product is a cryptocurrency, it is crucial that you have a set of advisors team who can guide you. Their knowledge, experience, and even their perspective can help you with making out a very good marketing campaign.

  • Drafting the Marketing Plan

Have a written marketing plan with your estimated results and goals. A completely sketched plan can help you to work on the basis of your goals and can set you in the right direction.

10 Potential steps marketers do to make your product visible to the audience:

  • Social Media

Social Media’s have now become a part of our life. You can reach your potential audience by creating an engaging page on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. When your pages grow, parallelly your community will also grow.

  • Cryptocurrency Communities

Apart from Social Media, there are specific communities meant for cryptocurrency platforms. Such as BitcoinTalk, Reddit Bitcoin Community, Crypto Compare, Cryptocurrency Talk, etc. You can participate in discussions to record your views by saying your benefits, future of your product, etc to your target audiences.

  • Podcasts

There are people who have great patience to listen to your content than reading. Podcasts enable you to engage with your targeted user base easily. Your podcasts can be in the form of episodes where you can teach your audience right from the beginning. Moreover, since it is a crypto industry people love to learn more!

One more thing you should consider is not to remain broad. This can sometimes displease your customers. So make your podcast short and crisp.

  • Bug Bounty Program

A Bug Bounty Program is a one in which individuals receive compensations for reporting the bugs on the websites. This can be a good way to engage your audience and experts.

  • Intuitive Website

The only thing where your customers can identify you is by building an attractive website. This is the first and foremost thing you should take care of. Your website should contain the complete details of the exchange such as real-time statistics, easy sign-in & sign-up feature, customer support, etc.

  • Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is the place where there are around 65 million users. Moreover, out of this, 50% of customers are the decision makers of the companies. Therefore, you can join the LinkedIn groups and initiate your conversation on your product.

  • Email Campaigns

This is a form of direct marketing where you can send emails directly to your customers. Relying on the quality of your emails, you can get potential results. Quality Emails can bring you a good number of users to trade on your platform. Initially, you can send emails to the group of people who are really interested to trade on your platform.

  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate Marketing is one in which an affiliate, a middleman will be responsible to send traffic to your website in exchange for a commission. Right off the bat, you can start your affiliate campaign on your crypto exchange website. You can pay to the people when new users sign up to your site in the form of commission.

  •  Reputation Handling

Reputation administration is the thing when you build and maintain both positive and negative feedback from your customer base. Moreover, in the crypto community, you should give additional importance in case you receive a negative reputation for your platform. Don’t worry, you should give your customers the hope that you can resolve the problem as soon as possible.

  • Paid Ads

This is also an important marketing strategy. You should pay a desirable amount of money to promote your exchange platform. Paid services are usually provided by sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Things to be followed in Marketing Campaigns

  • Remain active and available in your community

Posting a fantastic content alone doesn’t help. You should try to be active and available by responding to your customer’s comments. This can, in turn, make them happy and make your brand feel more trustworthy.

  • Track your mentions and tags

You are in the crypto space where a plethora of crypto enthusiasts are ready to talk about you if you are doing some good work. Therefore, monitor all those mentions and tags which are literally speaking about you!

This can be a stage to gain the feedback not only from your customers but also from the wide set of audiences. You can make use of tools such as Google Alerts to keep track of.

  • Frequently examine your performance

Analyze your performance and measure the results of your content strategy, marketing strategy, and other activities. According to that, you can set your goals for building your target audience, increasing the traffic to your site, increasing the engagements on social media platforms, etc.

Yet another strategy is to compare yourself with the competitors. Monitor your competitors, find the strategies and implement them. This can also boost your performance.

Summing Up

While building and executing marketing plans for a crypto exchange platform, it is relatively important to provide a solution to the unique challenges and problems in the crypto industry. Never forget, marketing can be the perfect way to build your community of traders and bring in high revenues to your exchange platform!

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