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HighVibe.Network ICO – Awakening Human Values through Utility Tokens

Can you think of an Operating System (OS) for human activities? Sounds irrelevant and dreamy! Self-driving cars, robots and Artificial Intelligence (Al) were dreams, a few years back, but a reality now An OS for human life too is a virtual reality now for the conscious human community.

This has been made possible by a blockchain-based ecosystem, designed by High Vibe Network. It is a comprehensive and multidimensional network that integrates immersive digital and multi-world experience, personal development and learning, through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

HighVibe Platform Features

The network is based on blockchain and is interconnected to vibrant and innovative markets such as Virtual Reality (VR), Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Personal Development, Digital Music Online Learning and many more Members are instantly rewarded for submitting high-quality contents, commenting, voting, rating products, participating in campaigns and introducing new members. Moreover, members are allowed to buy, contribute and curate experiences with HighVibe Token.

HighVibe Network will have the following platforms
• Meditations Everyday
• Develop Myself for Personal Development
• HighVibe Events that transform, inspire and connect Benefits
•Free transactions
•Faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks
•Authors and creators can monetize online content with incentives for intended user behavior.
•Proof-of-Brain token distribution reward system that propels autonomous growth.

Business Model

Premium content and experiences are connected with attractive incentive programs and something exclusive and special are created for participants of the ICO project. Revenues created through events, subscription and purchases of products will be reinvested in the network for further growth of fund, benefits to members, development and for enhancing user experience.

Challenges Addressed
•The dropout rate of Online courses
•Deserving financial benefits to authors and creators
•Lack of transparency on sales by affiliates because of lack of shared ledgers
•The uplifting consciousness of humanity and adding value to the users.

HighVibe Blockchain Ecosystem

The HighVibe Token is oriented towards
1) Affiliates, given the multi-tiered commission, paid instantly and transparently
2) Rewards System that is incentivized by getting plaid HTV tokens for taking desired actions IIIKIGetting visibility in the platform IV)1730% fixed profit on premium offerings
3) Smart contracts and trusted obstacles.

Decentralized Ledger Technology

Members can interact with the ledger and can access their records, over time to watch their progress and activity. Users can set intentions and personal goals into the public ledger through the gamified experiences and will be rewarded for achieving with the token for achieving their goals. People can earn tokens by participating in the ecosystem. Value-based Attention Economy The token is linked up with the usage and consumption of products within the network. Whereas the Bitcoin community mines coin by using computers, the ecosystem economy is based on Proof of Brain community in which members get tokens with their contribution and attention. It is designed on the basis of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and renders higher performance and lower carbon footprint. Tokens are used as rewards, for payments and as the medium of fair exchange. HighVibe. Network Token The Token of HighVibe(HV) has the core of ERC20 and is based on ethereum. The token can be exchanged for Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies through recognized exchanges. The token can be stored easily because it works with ERC220 supported wallets. Other features of the token are product updates, reward mechanism. New tokens will be released by creating a sustainable model, based on the yearly inflation rate of 10%.. Tokens can either be purchased or earned; purchasing being faster than earning. HV will be on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Ether, Bancor, Kucoin, HitBTC, Finance, and Bitrex. Earning will come in early 2019.

Ecosystem and Platform Projects

The platforms are profitable and sustainable.
They offer privileges to token holders, keep them engaged and provide a high level of utility. It is a marketplace for collaboration, ingenuity to thrive, idea creation and connection of like-minded business for the present also for the future.


  • Health, covering wellness, fitness, and nutrition
  • The market for goods, services, and experiences
  • Happy Water Project for clean and pure water
  • News Channel
  • Shows featuring conversations with enlightened minds
  • School to expand the consciousness of future generations
  • Expansion of VR in Flow
  • Alpha Platforms showcasing caliber of talents for enhancing the importance of integrated health, collective community growth, and mindfulness
  • World tour
  • Cacao Ceremony covering talks, sound healing, yoga, ecstatic dance, Superfood bar, health shots, VR integration, Farm to table Food experiences, Bali events, co-working, co-living, and co-learning.

Website: Highvibe.Network

Onepager: HighVibe.Network Onepager.pdf


Author: Gustafio