Tikpay token quickly accumulates users and merchants through incentive strategies to lay out asia Pacific

For the establishment of the blockchain community, everyone knows and agrees that”consensus”  is  very important, how to quickly accumulate consensus, is a common issue of each project, as in the case of the special currency, as long as the participation in the closure, you can get Bitcoin  as a reward, the same,Tikpay token also prepared a set of incentives for all willing users to participate.

TPT/ Asset Offering and Incentive Program

TPT, short for TikPay Token,  is an on-demand ration based on the amount of paid-in settlement linked to the actual fund transaction processing volume of the accessed   Token Issuer or Digital Asset Issuer, which can be used to repay debt arising from the time difference between asset transactions and payment receipt settlement among TikPay Net member agencies to compensate for a credit interest in short-term debt between transfer network member institutions.

As the number of Token Issuer or digital asset issuance partners that access the TikPay transfer network increases, so does the volume of transaction settlement processed, and the number  of TTTTs required for each access to Token Issuer and digital asset issuers naturally increases.

TPT is the foundation of token on the TikPay main chain, either as a measure of the value of the transaction or as a value in TikPayNet issue collateral for other Token or cross-chain transactions.  The total number of TPT releases is 100  billion.

The election mechanism of the bookkeeping node

The Tikpay token main chain uses an improved DPOS consensus algorithm. The bookkeeping node completes the election by decentralizing,  and if the bookkeeping node is successful and completes the bookkeeping, the bookkeeping node and the account that elected the node will receive a certain number of TPT rewards.

Book the reward

The bookkeeping rewards for the Tikpay token main chain consist of two parts, fee awards, and new issue awards. The fee reward is generated by the transaction fee, and the calculation of the fee reward is related to the fee strategy of the bookkeeping node campaign. New issuance incentives are reduced year by year to ensure that the total TPT circulation is in line with expectations.

Diversified asset issuance

Users issue additional assets in TikPayNet through collateral TPT.   Regular   cross-chain transactions involve multiple interactions across multiple blockchains, with long cycles, and in TikPayNet’s  isomorphic cross-chain transactions, TPT collateral can be performed on assets that flow across chains, a mechanism that facilitates rapid confirmation of cross-chain transactions if the asset sender defaults during asset flow.

Tikpay token through the right incentive mechanism, will be able to quickly open the market, build consensus and traffic, quickly into people’s vision, so far, in China, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia and other regions, has accumulated a lot of members through this strategy, but also many merchants have joined the Tikpay token network, a large blockchain life circle is forming.

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