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Buddy ICO Review – Decentralized Automation Platform

Buddy ICO Overview

Buddy is a so-called „Decentralized Development Automation Platform,” that sounds complicated, so it is better to make it seem simple. Essentially, Buddy is a decentralized platform that is meant for developers through which it assists them in creating and setting up apps and software. Buddy makes the development of software/apps easier because the whole process is automated with a plethora of features that are familiar to developers.

Buddy is creating a platform that offers a helpful approach to help software development teams to achieve their objectives easier through the use of an open model set the foundation for accomplished app developers to make top-notch application through automation of development.

Why is The Buddy Platform Needed

Large corporations have countless tests and assignments that have a connection to operations and development( DevOps). These assignments need time to be finished, and organizations put effort to build software efficiently to accomplish quicker results.

There are also smart contracts that are hard to handle, and even experienced developers can find them confusing. Also, the thing is that programmers have to take in mind new essential concepts like dApps, EVM and Blockchain.

At this moment, dApps and smart contracts are evolving with their complexity, with the chance of bugs and flaws going into the system more and more likely and being prone for bad actors that can take advantage of them. This problem is massive, and it can lead to a multi-million dollar’s worth of digital assets catastrophy.


Currently, Buddy has approximately eighty measured actions that assist in automating the deployment and app development process.

Open DevOps Marketplace

The platform is currently creating a marketplace where anyone can monetize their DevOps code. The Marketplace is going to be live in Q3 2019 according to the whitepaper.

Buddy is unforgivable when it comes to published content, and only legit entries will consider for a post after a careful process of vetting. Open DevOps will for sure improve the functionality of the platform, and also it will allow a stable stream revenue for developers.

On the marketplace, all content curation will be done by the Buddy DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) that is going to be run exclusively by Buddy token holders.

Buddy Token (BUD)

During the ICO, the project will issue the BUD token, an ERC-20 utility token for the Buddy platform.

The token has a number of benefits for users and developers on the platform. They are used as a payment unit for services and products on the platform. The token will also be the payment option for publishers on the platform, and users can also earn tokens by sharing Compute Units with the Automation Grid.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, Buddy token holders will be undertake an essential role in the Buddy Decentralized Organization, where they will be responsible for curating the content on the marketplace.

Buddy Token Sale

The price of one BUD is 0.0002 ETH ( Ethereum) per token. Hard cap for the crowdsale is set to sixty thousand ETH, which with the current ETH value of $415 amounts to approximately 24.9 million USD.

The pre-ICO is currently ongoing, and the main ICO starts September 1 and will last until October 29th.

The bonus timeline is as follows:

buddy ico bonus timeline

Token Allocation and Use of Funds

There will be up to 470 million tokens obtainable through the token sales, which amounts to 60% of the total token supply. All investments for over 100,000 USD will be vested for three months after the ICO.

20% is earmarked for the team (1 year vesting period), 15% for a emergency fund (locked for one year), 4% for expenses during the ICO, advisors, legal help and bounty (vested for one year, while the last 1% is issued in an airdrop for current users on the platform (vested for one year).


The Buddy project is formed by a group that already had a history of cooperating since 2007 when they were working on Springloops, a hosting platform for network developers. In 2015, the thought for making Buddy platform came to life. When 2016 was ending, Buddy had already grounded their business with industrial giants like Microsoft and Google.

The ICO team has five co-founders, with the support of a reliable and experienced team.

The CEO and also in charge of product management is Simon Szczepankowski, an entrepreneur and IT professional with more than a decade of experience. Simon has an excellent track record; he has been managing projects for reputable companies like KLM, Mercedes Benz, and even the Dutch Air Force. He is also the founder of Springloops, a hosting service for web developers with over 5000 customers.

Next cofounder is Raphael Sztowiorok who works together with the CEO in charge of product management while also managing as CTO for the company. Raphael has experience managing geographical information systems and big data projects for the Polish army and the Norwegian Defence.

The third co-founder is Martin Kudla, a software architect with two decades of experience in this industry.

The last two CO-founders software engineers Michael Hankus and Paul Olex who is accountable for UX/UI design, and both of them have more than a decade of experience in IT. The whitepaper consist of sixteen names in total and all of them are highly experienced and qualified for their jobs.

Pros and Cons

First, the advantages:

  • Team – A dominant team with an unreputable track record with the necessary know-how that helps Buddy platform to make a nice profit.
  • Practical platform – The platform is used for both the novice of this industry as well as experienced developers because the Buddy platform makes their assignments less complicated to finish.
  • Growing market –The market for application development software is currently about 113 billion USD, and it has been predicted that the market will grow to 345 billion USD by 2022.
  • Sensible Roadmap – The plan is immaculate, and the roadmap is transparent.
  • Established and used – The Buddy platform has been live since 2016, and the platform has gained a foothold with over 7000 users.
  • Partnerships – Partnered up with mainstream companies like Github, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker Store and Amazon Web Services.


  • Marketing – To attract more investors the marketing plan has to be clear and have more details.
  • Token Allocation – 20% token allocation for team is a bit much.

Final Thoughts

The Buddy project is unique and a mechanism that stands out with its functionality. The platform is already live for years, and the team has already proven their expertice in the field. The ICO stands out from most others with partnerships with huge brand names like Google and Microsoft.

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Author: Gustafio