Amendaex, the world’s top exchange, launches AD program to consolidate corporate resources

One of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms, the Amendaex platform brings together a large number of digital currency investors at home and abroad, with extremely strong liquidity and sustainability. Bank-grade SSL encryption protection, instant data, high-speed trading, digital currency and futures services.

Amendaex is sharing its five-year accumulation of matchmaking systems, counter systems, cold wallet systems, hot wallet systems, money clearing systems, global multilingual customer service capabilities, global customer identification and anti-money laundering systems with its partners, known as “AD partners,” through an open win-win program.

Teams that become “AD partners” can easily build digital asset exchanges and share depth and liquidity with other”AD partners” with this professional, full-process solution. By then, 100 exchanges will be online simultaneously.

Under the plan, the digital money market is expected to have a number of autonomous, efficient and transparent high-level digital asset exchanges. Over the course of several years of growth and operations, Amendaex has accumulated valuable operational experience and core technologies that are a great boon for blockchain entrepreneurs. With limited team resources and personnel, blockchain newcomers can quickly complete the run with Amendaex, dock with the high-quality resources of the coin circle, and address the liquidity shortages that new projects may face when cold start-up. After boarding the Amendaex aircraft carrier, the project team officially joined the fire-breathing blockchain voyage. Any unicorn company will gradually evolve from its own dominant battlefield, completing the ornate transformation from “participant” to “ecological builder”.

Exchange empowerment will standardize the development of the currency circle, improve the competitive threshold service users for some time, domestic and foreign uneven digital currency exchanges become a sword of the currency circle investors, network delay, network hacking, excessive trading caused by server crash problems are bothering investors and young project teams. When Amendaex chooses to open up full-link solutions to quality teams, it is undoubtedly an industry boon. This disruptive innovation is equivalent to providing a high-quality underlying infrastructure for startup teams, allowing them to focus more resources on project and product development.

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