What’s the difference between DeFi 2.0 VS DeFi 1.0?

The DeFi1.0 stage represented by Uniswap and Sushiswap demonstrated the powerful subversive capabilities of decentralized finance. The new financial ecology represented by decentralized exchanges has gradually begun to show its charm.

With the efforts of global technical engineers, the results of DeFi in the 1.0 stage are obvious to all, but there are also many unsustainable shortcomings in the DeFi 1.0 stage. First of all, most of the DeFi projects at the current stage are the issuance of tokens for the purpose of “printing money”, and this kind of DeFi project that has not proposed new solutions in the distribution of governance tokens and community governance, its launch of “mining “Architecture” is often unsustainable. At present, many technical teams are not satisfied with the decentralized and cold architecture at the current stage. Currency transactions need to build a sustainable and automatically spread decentralized financial system-DeFi 2.0.

Compared with participating in community governance, there is no connection between all participants and lack of motivation to participate in the governance of the platform. The original intention of most miners to participate in the early stage is more inclined to obtain high token incentives. It is difficult to sustain the liquidity of the platform. At present, many technical teams are not satisfied with the decentralized and cold architecture at the current stage.

We need to build a sustainable and automatically propagated decentralized financial system- DeFi 2.0.

In the DeFi 2.0 stage, decentralized finance is more inclined to link all community members who may provide liquidity. The liquidity incentives are more encouraged to connect relationships in all future transactions, and strive to create a warm, a sustainable and interconnected decentralized financial architecture. It is also the ice-breaking journey of DeFi 2.0, an unprecedented financial governance innovation.

Compared with DeFi1.0, the DeFi2.0 ecosystem should have the following advantages:

  • Advocating the close connection between users, it is committed to breaking the cold transaction mode of DeFi1.0, hoping that users can establish close horizontal connections while forming strong vertical links.

  • Let the entire ecology explode with more vitality and driving force, so as to always keep the liquid mining pools sufficiently active to participate.
  • The ecological governance and decision-making rights are given to community members. All decisions are made by all members. Community members do not simply rely on enthusiasm and interest to participate in community activities. All members are stakeholders and communities, so that all members have a source of participation and truly realize decentralized governance.
  • Only provide decentralized financial services. Numerous decentralized financial innovations will be born here, which will attract global geeks to complete technological innovation ideas here, and burst out more high-quality financial projects. Innovations in any narrow field will have unlimited imagination.

Decentralized financial DeFi2.0 is the necessary stage to get out of the barbaric era of DeFi1.0. Through the links between people, it will gradually eliminate the cold, single mining incentives and continue to provide a more forward-looking driving force, and it will be a new world of financial ecology in the future.

The DeFi2.0 ecosystem represented by CherrySwap and KeplerSwap is doing this kind of exploration and experimentation right now. This will be a change in the blockchain field for a long time, and it also allows everyone to see the brand new decentralized financial DeFi2.0. Let’s bless these pioneers, and hope that the future of DeFi 2.0 will be more splendid.

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