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Guest Posting for ICOshock

ICOshock is a renowned news outlet for everything related to ICO’s, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Do you wish to share information about interesting crypto news, blockchain development or a new cryptocurrency project to the readers of ICOshock? Are you sitting with experiences or stories that can inspire other people? Or maybe you want to share your thoughts, ideas or opinions about what’s going on in the crypto space? Whatever it may be, grab your keyboard, let your fingers dance over it and get send us an interesting article about an ICO, cryptocurrency or blockchain project.

Benefits of Guest Posting on ICOshock

ICOshock is a crypto news outlet that was started in June 2018. Although the market for cryptocurrency has been decreasing, ICOshock has still managed to exponentially grow over this period of time.

In addition to being exposed to our audience, you will get the possibility to get a strong backlink for us that can help you rank your site in the search engines (improves SEO).

Guest Post Submission Requirements

You are free to write about whatever you like as long as it follows the requirements below, and is related to crypto/ICO/blockchain in one way or another.

It is crucial that the post is of high quality. The post must, therefore, meet the following criteria:

The post should be relevant to ICOshock (i.e., news about cryptocurrency, spread awareness about an exciting ICO or a new blockchain based platform or technology)

  • The entry must be written in English with proper grammar.
  • The post must be original. It means that there should be no plagiarism from an already existing post on another website/blog.
  • The header should be descriptive of the content in the post
  • The material should be structured and contain a picture for the header, and a picture or two in the article is preferable as well.
  • If you have a blog or website, you can of course link to this in your post. (applies to non-commercial websites)
  • You can, of course, be completely anonymous, but you still have to back up what you write, use reason.
  • Posts featuring potential scams or suspicious projects will be rejected.
  • The post must be approved before any publication.

If you write a purely promotional post for the website, service or product, this will not be approved as a guest post (unless agreed beforehand). If you wish to post a review of your website, service or product, this will be a sponsored post; please contact us for more information.

Submit Guest Post

Submit your guest post by sending your article to [email protected]

You may also submit a crypto Guest Post or article by filling out this form.

(We reserve the right to rectify guest articles if we see it necessary.)

Guidelines for Crypto, ICO or Blockchain Related Guest Posts

We want a fresh, exciting content at ICOshock. But it should at the same time be objective. Therefore, all users must familiarize themselves with and follow these guidelines.

1. Ethics: Do not write posts or formulations that are abusive, racist, threatening or otherwise violate U.S. law. Links to inappropriate or illegal material (pornographic, racist, harassing) should not occur. Use your own and others’ experiences with care – do not endanger others and do not violate others privacy.

2. Copyright / intellectual property: Do not copy other people’s text or other intellectual property without consent. ICOshock cannot publish posts and comments without the author’s consent. ICOshock wants to profile good posts. Therefore, we reserve the right to edit and present texts or parts of texts as we refer to them.

Would you like to become a regular guest writer?

ICOshock has some permanent writers. Besides them, we also welcome guest writers to write regular posts on our domain!

The formal minimum requirement for being a writer in SprĂ„kprat is that you have a good proficiency in English writing. You must also be able and able to convey research-based knowledge or academic reflections on blockchain technology, ICO’s and cryptocurrencies to the general public.

There is no requirement for a particular professional background. Besides being a proficient writer, having competence in subjects such as market research, blockchain analytics and background checks on team members can also be relevant. It is a goal for ICOshock to have a broad group of writers with a range of topics and scope specialization.

If you want to be a regular guest writer on our site, send us a message on our Facebook page or send an email to [email protected].