Express Cards offers Virtual Credit Card with Bitcoin

Now, one can buy visa gift cards with Bitcoin with an instant delivery facility to the email address.

March 02, 2021: Express cards have come up with their virtual visa card with BITCOIN.

Backed by their long experience in this industry, they have opened up their unique platform to buy Virtual Visa card with Bitcoin to offer users a safe, simple, and secured online shopping experience.

The biggest advantage of these cards is it offers a perfect solution for every need. One can also use these cards to make payments for services as well. These cards contain a pre-loaded amount of Bitcoin. As such, they need no third-party intervention in the purchasing process. Moreover, it also eliminates the involvement of Bitcoin exchanges for completing transactions.

“As the market scenario stands, everybody favors fast and convenient payment modes. Although plastic cards are meant for that, vulnerability to scam and theft is intertwined with their uses. Despite the banks’ claim about their safety, they are not that safe. To make transactions safe and secure, we have come up with a hoard of Virtual credit cards that you can purchase using BITCOIN,” stated Sarah Cohen, their media contact person.

“Anyone can buy virtual visa card with Bitcoin. Just apply for it and you will get your 16-digit on your email almost instantly. It lets you enjoy all plastic card benefits. These also have added advantages. Since these cards have virtual existence only, there is no chance of damaging or losing them like the physical cards. You can use them like, plastic cards, all over the world. So, it offers the users a safe and convenient way of transaction,” the media contact person further added.

Express cards are also greatly recognized. Since BITCOIN is independent of exchange rates and transaction fees, these cards make international uses easy and simple. The virtual visa gift cards are compatible with online accounts like PayPal, Google Adwords, MoneyBookers US, etc, and can be used in an e-marketplace.

All Express Cards attract minimum fees. One can buy virtual credit card with Bitcoin reload them with Bitcoin. These are anonymous and do not contain any personal information and cannot be tracked.

Express cards are protected by randomly generated passwords. As such no fraud or scam is possible. Moreover, they include the limit and the expiry date. It helps to stop misuse and the bad actors as well.

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