Zillios ICO Review – Game Changer for the Real Estate Industry?

No matter the strides that have been made in technological advancement, real estate remains a traditional sector. The biggest problem is the number of parties involved in a transaction to take place. The result is a long, tedious, and frustrating process that also increases the price of the property. Besides this, when most people want to buy properties outside their country, their first option is to uses a search engine, and pick the highest ranking websites to make their purchase.

The problem here is that large real estate companies get the lion’s share and this locks out the agents and minor real estate companies that could have a better deal for the customer. There are more problems in the real estate sector, and Zillios promises a proper real estate platform for all international real estate parties.

What is Zillios and What are they Trying to Solve?

Zillios is arguably the best next-gen real estate platform that seeks to operate on an international scale. With the team having a combined experience of more than 15 years in the real estate sector, they are looking to incorporate blockchain technology into the platform, which they foresee it will streamline transactions between the parties involved as well as automate the selling and renting processes. The real estate selling and renting portal is a billion dollar market, and while there are other platforms that have come before Zillios, they have a few tricks up their sleeve to upset and disrupt the market.

What Benefits does The Project Bring?

The leading real estate portals have laid siege on the real estate market by having ambiguous costs and extorting high commissions. Thanks to Zillios blockchain platform, property owners will get a free listing for those looking to sell and a 0% commission on rental bookings. With blockchain integration, the platform offers a unique experience for all parties involved.

Owners and Agents (Sellers)

Until recently, it was too expensive for real estate owners to list all their properties and this forced them to list select properties. However, Zillios offers sellers free listings, and as a seller, you can influence the visibility of your property by placing bids. The platform uses a one of a kind pay per click auction model and uses Zillios tokens (ZLST).

Besides this, Zillios offers the necessary leads in the form of buyers, vocational renters, and ordinary tenants and this makes it a proactive marketing tool. The benefit of using blockchain technology is that transactions are executed in real time, without any intermediaries, this will make the process faster, as well as cost-efficient.

Buyers and Vacation Renters

The Zillios platform with the integrated blockchain technology creates a never seen before P2P real estate economy. People looking to buy or rent, now have access to a one-stop-shop for international properties. Should you need help, there is trustworthy third party assistance, and the deal closing process is as transparent as it is efficient. Better yet, you get amazing and up to date property buying and vacation renting guides.

Third Party Intermediaries The real estate sector is notorious with brokers, and they can make the price to skyrocket so that they can get their cut. Unlike other blockchain-based platforms that seek to eliminate the intermediaries, Zillios will cater to these third parties and ensure that they continue playing their part in the real estate market.

They can expect to benefit from a large database of qualified leads, access to the stakeholders in real estate, market insights, and big data on real estate, API connectivity as well as branding and promotion.

Token Generation Event

The Zillios team uploaded their beta version of the platform on July 2018, it had the most of basic features, and to date, it has over a million property listings. They are seeking to upgrade it and offer more services and features. The team is hoping to raise up to $10 million, but if it fails, they hope to reach their soft cap, which they have set at $2.5 million.

Part of the funds will also go to marketing and promotion of the Zillios platform in order to extend its reach from Europe to the whole world.


There are hundreds of blockchain-based platforms that hold much promise but fail to live up to the hype and this costs contributors their hard earned money. Zillios is a game changer and has the potential to decrease the costs in the industry and make it more efficient by utilizing blockchain technology.

Read their official website or the official whitepaper for more details on the project.

Author: Gustafio