Zerostate ICO Review – React to Content with Emotional Responses

Zerostate is a social media app that offers a practical solution for managing customer loyalty by involving their emotions.

The revolutionary component is the option for users to express an emotional reaction to the presented content. Everyone who is familiar with social media knows about the “like” button. The problem is, the like button is too vague, liking a post does not say anything about what you believe about the content. Zerostate is replacing the like button with an emotional reaction. E.g., instead of “liking” a picture, you can react with your emotional state, e.g., “amazing,” “gorgeous,” “boring,” “rude,” and so on. This enhances the users experience on the platform; additionally, this is an excellent way for marketers to get honest opinions on their campaigns.

Zerostate provides benefits to the world, advertisers, and users: A new type of search engine, at a whole new level. Search for soulmates instead of applying for common interests. Get paid for reviewing content. Of course, the transactions within this ecosystem are settled with Zerostate’s token, ZSC.

The platform already has an application available that has over 200,000 downloads since the beginning of 2018, with over 60,000 active users. The company is led by Alexey Aslezov, who has experience from several leading IT companies in Russia.

Zerostate for advertisers

The Token issued under the ICO will in future be used by advertisers to launch marketing campaigns. The goal is to receive rich information and statistics that will help us improve sales to those who advertise. The decentralized application is used to collect feelings, where users will be paid to share them while learning about a new product.

Ilya Anikin, a renowned ICO expert on ICObench, had the following to say about the platforms use case:


The business plan of the company shows the estimated progress and milestones until 2020 where the last stop is expansion in the African and Latin American market, followed by China and India. They have set a goal of having more than 3 million users by the end of 2018, which is a realistic scenario, according to the idea and business plan. During this time, the Zerostate token, ZSC, will also be available on several of the largest exchange services that support ERC-20 tokens.

ZeroState (ZSC) token

The Zerostate token is issued as en Ethereum ERC-20 token. Owners of ZSC tokens can create new campaigns on the application and receive community feedback to improve sales, while users will also be paid to provide ratings on the content. In total, 100 million tokens will be created.


65% of the token supply has been allocated to investors in the ICO.

The ICO for the ZSC token started March 21, and it is set to end lastest 31 August. The minimum for the capital acquisition (soft cap) is 4 million dollars, while the maximum (hard cap) is set to 20 million dollars.

Out of the 65 million tokens allocated for the token sale, over 58 million tokens have been sold so far.
With only 7 million tokens left for sale, the likelihood of the ICO reaching its hard cap before the end of the ICO is big.

Raising tokens for almost 20 million USD during a bear market where most ICO’s failed to reach soft cap says a lot about the faith investors has in the project.

Pros and Cons


+ Unique and original platform
+ Working prototype
+ 200,000 downloads + 60,000 active users
+ Good social media performance
+ Solid team and advisors
+ Decentralized


– No activity on Github

Zerostate Rating

  • Team
  • Vision
  • Product

Learn more

Find out more about the company, business idea, product and more at Zerostate’s website.

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Author: Gustafio