YYgaming , Shibo Group Announce Collaboration for Metaverse Gaming Products

Yygaming is pleased to announce a collaboration with Shibo Group to investigate metaverse initiatives for virtual gaming and the non-fungible token (NFT) markets.

Shibo’s AIR RACE World Championship is the metaverse’s ultimate demonstration of clean energy aviation and entertainment. Their advanced aerial mobility intellectual property might lead to new and intriguing aerial NFT solutions for the gaming sector.

Gaming is already the most popular activity in the metaverse. Hundreds of millions of daily active players across a variety of games have created flourishing communities. Major firms like Nike and Balenciaga have already successfully converted real-world items to the metaverse.

YYgaming will also look at low-barrier-to-entry prospects in the metaverse, such as the hardware required to build it, the software that will host it, and the companies that will function within it.

YYgaming’s Founder and CEO, Bryant Mante, stated, “People will be able to trade crypto-collectibles like NFTs in these new virtual worlds, which will fundamentally alter how users and many businesses interact with one another, watch music performances, engage with commercial brands, and trade in-game skills and products. YYgaming’s objective today is to look for new possibilities, like as the one with Shibo Group, and start staking out initial market share from which to develop through 2022.”

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About Shibo Group.

Shibo Group is a software and media firm that acquires media and digital technologies. More information can be found here

About YY gaming

YYgaming is a technology firm that focuses on the rapid creation and publication of mobile apps and other software platforms for gaming and business applications, as well as the acquisition of symmetric business prospects. YYgaming collaborates with and supports other development companies with their technology, business management, and financial needs. More information can be found on this website

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