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How Yamzu Is Carving Out A New Frontier for Competitive Esport Gaming

Before we even begin talking about how Yamzu is going to create a better, interlinked and sustainable eSport ecosystem, we feel compelled to mention some of the impressive achievements that this blockchain-backed eSport platform has witnessed. Since its inception in 2016, Yamzu has built an eSport base of more than 10,000 active players and reports a revenue growth of over 300%.

Today, we put Yamzu under the microscope to find out more about how this wondrous project plans to change the eSport niche.

The Origin of Yamzu

It is true that a business idea can hit you at any time as long as your eyes are open to the opportunities around you. Believe it or not, the Yamzu concept was born while the founders were deep in the heat of playing Counter-Strike. The founders, who are avid gamers, wanted to create a platform that is gamer-friendly and centered around fair competition.

Yamzu is indeed designed to capture the needs of a gamer before anything else. Some of the outstanding features that make it attractive to gamers include:

  • Joining Yamzu is free
  • Using Yamzu is free
  • Hosting tournaments on Yamzu is free
  • It is a clean eSport platform that is free of the clutter and junk that dots most other online gaming platforms

In essence, Yamzu tries to create a better virtual world where there are no trolls, hidden charges or the insufferable lag that dulls a player’s online gaming experience.

The eSport Environment at The Moment

Esports have come a long way from being a simple pastime to a fully-fledged worldwide entertainment phenomenon. Today’s eSport teams are at par with most other traditional sports. They have brought together players to take part in tournaments from all over the world. Most eSport games are team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter games as well as games in the genre of multiplayer online battle arena.

Revenue from eSports stood at $655 million in 2017. The revenue is expected to get even bigger in 2018 with global estimates predicting that the market revenue this year will easily exceed $900 million and reach $1.65 billion by 2020. A new generation of eSport enthusiasts has also come up that makes a living from playing online games. Forbes reports that the prize money from eSports grows by 30% every year. Yamzu, therefore, is designed to help gamers tap into the numerous opportunities that are available to in eSports.

Figure 1: Statistics from eSports Research. Source

What is Yamzu?

Yamzu is a Swedish, blockchain-backed, gaming company created in 2016 to bring gamers a unique platform for eSports. The platform is browser-based and is specially designed for use by individual players, gaming teams, eSport sponsors, advertisers, eSport influencers, and brands as well as tournament organizers. Two of the world’s most popular eSport games (League of Legends and Counter-Strike Global Offensive) have been integrated fully into the platform, and plans are underway to bring more games (including PUBG, Call of Duty, DOTA2, and Battlefield) onboard.

The platform is designed to be self-perpetuating and draws its revenue from:

  • Fees paid for eSport tournaments on the platform. Charges are as follows
    • A 12.5% service charge for tournaments and games when the participating teams are less than two.
    • A 15% service charge from tournaments and games when the participating teams are two or more.
    • Yamzu pays 2.5% of all charges to the government as Value Added Tax.
  • Yamzu engine may be leased out to other companies.
  • Yamzu may hold brand-sponsored events for corporations that wish to preserve their exclusive rights to hold the online event.

How Will Yamzu Revolutionize Esports

  1. By Securing Esports And Making Them More Transparent

The idea of Yamzu came about after its creators got frustrated at the amount of cheating that was happening in eSports especially in armature competitions. Yamzu promises to turn the tables by using blockchain and smart contracts to bring trust into the world of online gaming. Some of the common scams that Yamzu promises to weed out include:

  • Dishonest people who hide behind well-known brands to avoid paying out prizes
  • Trolls that send out donations but then reverse their payments several weeks later
  • Fake sponsors who list non-existent prizes
  1. By Leveling The Esport Playing Field for Both Amateurs and Professional Gamers

By relying on blockchain, Yamzu seeks to bridge the wage gap that currently exists between gamers. This gap makes it hard for amateurs to get into major eSport tournaments or other high-prize pools. Yamzu will use blockchain to reduce the operating costs associated with running a secure eSport database. The result of doing so will be that both big and small budgets will be treated equally thereby equalizing the status of the players.

  1. Putting the Players First and In Control

eSport players have often suffered at the mercy of their sponsors and managers. With the stakes of eSport gaming growing with each waking day, game fixing and illegal tampering with betting odds are commonly perpetrated by various big-budget organizers. Some of these organizers rarely have the player interests at heart. However, players still have to rely on them because they cannot afford the high cost of creating their own events.

Yamzu plans to change all this. The company will use blockchain and smart contracts to lower the expense of setting up tournaments and distributing prizes. This will make it easy for players to create their own tournaments, on their own terms, free from the influence of powerful sponsors and affiliates.

  1. By Making It Easy to Monetize Esports

Yamzu uses cryptocurrency to create a secure way for players to receive payments in an irreversible manner where prizes can neither be bounced nor taken back. On top of that, the platform has all the tools and resources that a sponsor, developer, team or player might need to generate revenue from esports.

Getting into Yamzu

Using Yamzu is pretty much straightforward. Players, teams, developers, sponsors as well as streamers and influencers can use Yamzu. All dealings are transparent, reliable and safe.

Step 1: set up a tournament or event. Create tournament rules including, game type, entry charges, and reward structure.

Step 2: receive and accept applications to participate in your tournament. Players can pay the entry fee via credit card, YMZ tokens or any other cryptocurrency. An internal exchange on Yamzu then converts all entry fees in YMZ tokens.

Step 3: commence playing the tournament. Once the tournament begins, the entry fees (now in the form of YMZ tokens) are transferred to a smart contract.

Step 4: rewards are distributed to the winners after a service fee has been removed from the total rewards pool.

Investing in Yamzu

Yamzu announced its ICO in July 2018. The company’s founder, Asiad Majeed, was confident that the ICO would offer investors a front-foot into a well-protected, expertly-created project that is bound to become even bigger in future.  That notwithstanding several ICOs have come up in the esports space. Yamzu also faces competition from competitors such as ESL, FACEIT, Challangeme Esports GmbH and FirstBlood.

So, then we must ask what makes Yamzu unique?

  1. Yamzu’s automaticity brings simplicity unlike ever before. It eliminates third parties hence its services are faster, cheaper and more reliable than most other similar platforms.
  2. The monetization structure on the platform allows for an attractive, unfailing and fair competitive environment that will be appealing to the world’s gaming community.
  3. The platform is optimized to benefit fully from sponsorship and advertisement. Hosting tournaments on Yamzu is cheaper in comparison to traditional tournament. It also offers specific targeting demographics for advertisers and sponsors to reach their target consumers.
  4. The affiliate program on Yamzu is strong hence influencers can use Yamzu as a revenue stream and an invaluable resource through which target audiences can be reached.
  5. Yamzu has combined social strategies and competitive gaming to create a very strong community with a player base of over 10,000 active gamers.


It is evident that Yamzu is already a virtuous platform capable of growth and success within the very vibrant esports ecosystem. We, therefore, give it two thumbs up as an investment opportunity both for flipping and long-term holding.

ICO Summary

Token Sale Date: PreICO: Starts: 25th July 2018. Ends: 30th September 2018.

ICO Starts: 01st October 2018. Ends: 31st October 2018.

Token:                 YMZ
Type:                    Ethereum
Buy With:           ETH
Price:                    1 YMZ=0.12 EUR
Bonus:                 30% presale bonus
Hard Cap:           13,000,000
Soft Cap:             3,000,000
Country:              Sweden
Restricted in:    Canada, USA, China, Israel, Vietnam, South Korea
Whitepaper:     https://yamzu.io/wp
Website:             http://yamzu.io/

Author: Gustafio