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XResearch ICO Overview – Investing with right research

About the XResearch ICO

This is a project that is developing a portal where you will be able to gain insights into the cryptocurrency world with access to a lot of stuff as relevant news and other stuff that is important for review before investment. Their goal is to give users the opportunity to let go of the guesswork and invest in proper projects, on time.

XResearch is a revolutionary product when it comes to knowledge and research on investments, both for professional traders and beginners in the crypto market. The company behind is a dedicated cryptographic research company and news source. Owners of their tokens will be seen as co-owners of the company.

Several private companies deal with similar tasks within the traditional market, but there are few within the blockchain world.

The upcoming platform will be open to all, and you do not need tokens to use this platform. Analyzes and other material will be available wherever you are in the world. Finally, their goal is to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which functions as the crypto trader’s mecca when it comes to communities where investors all over the world come together to find the best in the blockchain world.

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Xresearch Token

Token Holders, on the other hand, could receive additional benefits by owning their token unit, which will soon be issued during a token issue held to fund the project. Token holders, will be able to take advantage of benefits such as the ability to contribute research, become a verified user and the ability to charge for services and knowledge. Access to the tracking of the API, purchase research services, become a compensatory node in XResearch’s network, and last but not least – be a co-owner of the company, such as in the stock. However, we can not call it a share, because they come from the bank!

Tokens will then be represented as a currency in the network that can be used for various services and that it represents an asset in the company. This is something that is revolutionary with the new token economy that is about to take over the traditional market. The values are really put into use when it has so many uses, which will also give it value. If this project becomes a success, the token published will also be worth a while. If this project is going to stand out in this technological bubble, only time will show.

The Road Ahead

According to XResearch’s own business plan, the coin issue will start at the end of the year. The tokens that are not sold will be burned as defined as a pre-set smart contract so the value can rise. Private sales are soon around the corner and it is already now possible to sign up for whitelisting. During the first quarter of next year, the headquarters of the company will be set up and a whole development team will be hired for further development of the platform. The launch of the main network will take place in 2020, where the platform will gradually transition to full decentralization, and then the project will eventually become a DAO.

Their business plan is therefore full and long with a clear goal of being one of the leading applications in investment research. The project is led by several individuals who have extensive experience in various fields when it comes to investment, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, financial consulting and research on new products. It will be exciting to keep up with this in the future. You can find the entire business plan, the entrepreneurs behind, the token issue and more about the product on their website, Xres.io.

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