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The advent of cryptocurrency as an alternative to legal tender for transactions has really diversified the financial world. This has also seen it created large investment opportunities gaps. Among the fillers of these gaps is XchangeCoin. XchangeCoin is a revolutionary idea that allows the easy exchange of cryptocurrency units for legal tender in its any outlets. It also allows for the transfer of cryptocurrency units to other people be it family or friends in distant places with the option of collecting it as cash or the units. The fast transaction with a maximum waiting time of two hours is the best especially in some parts of the world where such transactions take up to seven working days to be complete. These factors make XchangeCoin a force to watch and take notes from it.

About the Project

After adopting Xchangecoin there are various advantages that one could gain from. For starters we have the Xchangecoin revenue model which allows for a 10% service fee for all cryptocurrency conversions. Immediately after you give your crypto to Xchangecoin the software will sell the crypto to the leading crypto currency exchange where you could possibly get the highest currency rate. This will increase your chances at maximizinq profit while minimizing one’s losses because of market corrections and coin fluctuation. With Xchangecoin, customers will also have an array of choices on the coins they can use due to Xchangecoin accepting the top 100 market cap coins. Another advantage is that Xchanqecoin will be universally accepted with no fees or charges. The overall growth aspect will occur when the Xchangecoin locations from all over the world connects with the Blockchain allowing for additional revenue streams.

The Xchangecoin framework utilizes community governance, mathematical trust, and also new distributed database designs. This is because the Xchangecoin uses technology that aids the global Blockchain-based crypto to trade on major cryptocurrency markets as opposed to trading with fiat currency. Xchangecoin also has been building an eco-system that will be used to verifying contracts by using Blockchain technology. The overall growth aspect will occur when the Xchangecoin locations from all over the world connect with the Blockchain allowing for additional revenue streams.

Why is Xchangecoin needed?

Over the years there have been various advancements to exchange of currency in the foreign market. One of those advancements is the Xchangecoin. Xchangecoin is basically a much better way to convert crypto into currency. Xchangecoin adopted the belief that the journey towards the massive use of crypto will be accomplished when changing crypto to money will be just as easy as turning on a flashlight. Conversion of crypto to currency can take about 7 — 10 days in countries like Asia and Africa which also requires transfer fees, bank fees, and exchange fees. This makes the conversion of crypto to currency a whole lot harder on people who are trying carry on with your daily routine. This is especially unfortunate if you need the money in currency form. The idea behind Xchangecoin is to build a vast network of retail stores from which users from Asia and Africa can convert their crypto to currency at locations of their own choice. Xchangecoin will also give people the option of sending crypto that can be converted into currency to family and friends from another country. The basic end game of Xchangecoin is the adoption of crypto everywhere in the world due to ease in converting crypto to currency.

Market Focus

As part of Xchangecoin global reach, Xchangecoin started its mission by having outlets in Africa and Asia. This is to allow us to help people get easy access to their offices while at the same time it allows Xchangecoin to be able to make the financial community more aware of the overwhelming advantage that Xchangecoin brings to the table. Eventually, after some massive extensive research, it was found that countries like Kenya, India, and South Africa are the best places to introduce Xchangecoin. This is due to their markets being more receptive to technological growth. These countries are traditionally considered to be strong market movers in their respective regions and this can help to sway the opinion of other countries.

After looking comprehensively about what Xchangecoin is all about one question we have to ask ourselves is why consider Asia as the preferred locations to carry this out? The main reason for considering Asia would be that Asia is one of the world’s largest economic regions. It has the fastest economic growth and it also at the very brink of technological advancement that will help them when trading. Another reason is that Asia has limited options when it comes to crypto exchanges that enable traders to convert crypto to currency instantly and vice versa. It is because of this reason that Xchangecoin wants to spread its influence so that people can have easy access to both crypto and currency at any convenient time.

Features of XchangeCoin

Here are some of its renowned features;


Details of all the transactions you have done using the unit will be kept private only accessible by yourself. This maintains client confidentiality and ensuring the safety of their private information. The using of pseudonyms instead of names in the unit’s database helps keep a client protected from unauthorized parties.


The XchangeCoin unit is among the most flexible units allowing an owner to exercise the maximum freedom while having it. This is seen first in the acceptance of a variety of units for exchange to government-issued currency. The unit is compatible with other units such as Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Any holder of these units is allowed to exchange for legal tender at the XchangeCoin outlets. Also, its versatility is exhibited by the presence of a lot of XchangeCoin outlets with qualified personnel. The personnel will help in initiating the currency exchange process and handing cash to the client. Also, they are tasked with helping the customers by offering them advice concerning the unit and also in helping them with any arising issue or queries.

Fast Transactions

Most cryptocurrencies to cash transactions take a relatively long time to be effected successfully. Some take as long as seven working days which can be frustrating to a client. This unit, however, takes a shorter time to be affected and with meager chances of transactions failing to initialize or be completed. It roughly takes a maximum of two hours for a sale to be done. This will save a lot of time that is wasted on waiting for long on the transactions to be complete

Advantages of XchangeCoin

  • Can be used in a lot of places due to the plenty outlets in selected areas.
  • Compatible with most cryptocurrency units including Bitcoin, Llitecoin, Dashcoin, and Ethereum.
  • Easy to access its information, mostly through the internet courtesy of its strong online presence.
  • Fast service for exchanging currency of periods as short as two hours on the higher side.
  • Safeguarding the privacy of its users’ information including transactions and identities.

Disadvantages of XchangeCoin

  • Can be used as a money laundering front.
  • Not present in some countries.
  • Difficulty in tracking case of fraud due to hidden identities of users.


The project provides a solution that can benefit a lot of people. The product can be compared to Western Union in terms of accessibility and ease of use, for everyone. Its versatility is the best feature with the ease and speed of transactions. Although the fee of 10% is steep, the product can help cryptocurrencys adoptionrate by making it more accessible.

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