WPP Energy ICO Review

WPP Energy ICO Overview – Trading Platform for Renewable Energy

WPP Energy ICO Overview

WPP Energy is a new platform for the trade of renewable energy. This is a transparent and decentralized platform, based on blockchain technology.

What is WPP Energy

In addition to being a trading platform, it has a lot to offer. WPP Energy has been funded billions of dollars in various projects and is breaking through a market worth several trillion dollars. As you can see, there are several uses for the WPP Energy token, which are now being issued under a coin issue on Ethereum’s blockchain. They also have their own exchange service where you can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies.

The priority of this exchange services is other forms of tokens within green energy. There are several platforms within the blockchain start-up bubble that have similar projects, and for the time being, only WPP Energy has made a type of crossing between the decentralized energy market platforms.

About the platform

Essentially, this is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of power worldwide, which leads to a significantly reduced price, as several of the intermediaries that are involved in the sale of electricity is cut out.

Exiting features

  • You can use the WPP Energy token to rent your own power stations, which can bring you profit.
  • HHO power stations are also available which you can use to produce as well as sell 100% green energy.
  • WPP also has its own free membership program where you can earn WPP tokens by shopping at other stores that also want to go green. This can also be used on their own decentralized mobile application.
  • A separate card for the exchange of tokens is also available. On these, you can save your tokens and use them, as well as with the support of other cryptocurrencies.

 This is one of several exciting projects that use blockchain technology to trade essential data. In this case, energy. On such a network, you have full transparency, and everyone can have insight into which transactions are done within the network.


World Power Production has an excellent track record. WPP owns and controls several advanced technology patents. The company has been a leader in clean energy solutions since 2009, and they have executed government contracts totaling over 50 billion USD.

The company is headed by Rafael Ben, who has over 30 years of experience in power and technology. In the team, engineers and experts from all over the world are in energy and similar industries.


 Initially, WPP goes through a token issue to raise capital to launch their product. At the moment, the ICO is in the private sales phase where investors with substantial capital have the opportunity to contribute before the public token sale, which is available for everyone. A total of 5 billion WPP tokens will be “issued”, and 50% is allocated to investors in the token sale. 
Details of the dates for the public token sales will be available on the WPP website soon.

Useful Resources

Find out more about the product, technology, WPP token, team behind and more, visit: wppenergy.io

WPP currently has a campaign where ten lucky winners will not be able to pay their power bill for the rest of their lives! Check it out here.

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