Worldopoly - The AR game where you can play Monopoly in real life through AR

Worldopoly ICO – AR Monopoly on The Blockchain

About Worldopoly

Worldopoly is a new blockchain integrated game. Each player has a starting capital with coins that the person can use to buy streets and buildings of their choice. With geographic position and AR (artificial reality), you get the opportunity to actually view and show your development to others. A building generates collectible coins, according to what the building is worth. For each player who visits your building, it will generate an income for you, which can be exchanged into “real” money using decentralized exchange services. This is a good example of the future of AR games, as it combines artificial intelligence and the real world.

Players can gather in clans and fund larger projects together, and share the economy as the business works in the real world. Worldopoly’s own token, WPT is the working currency of the game. These are used for all transactions within the decentralized platform.

Because of the blockchain technology behind the application, all information will be available forever and you do not have to be aware of a possible closure of a company, as decentralization means that the application will be maintained around the clock without a server located at a central point.

With the WPT currency, you can bid on auctions of items, do marketing for your own company, buy unique buildings, arrange events, participate in competitions and more.

Worldopoly Airminer

To showcase how the Worldopoly AR technology is going to work, the team released Worldopoly Airminer. This is a minigame that is made to show how the Augmented Module works within the game.

Here,  WTP coins are randomly placed in streets near your locations, and it’s your job to go out and find them. The tokens you claim through Worldopoly airminer are the same coins that are going to be utilized in the main Worldopoly game.

Worldopoly Airminer is available for download for both Apple and Android devices.

Download Worldopoly Airminer here.


In total, 200 million WPT tokens will be released, of which 75% of these will be available for sale under the ICO.

Token: WPT
Platform: Ethereum – ERC-20 Token
Price per token: 0.12 USD
Hard cap: 18 million USD

Check out the demonstration of the application below:

Worldopoly ICO – AR Monopoly on The Blockchain
Good business model
Impressive team with good advisors
Innovative idea
Community consists of mostly bounty hunters
Infrequent updates from team

Additional Resources

For more information about the token sale, the product and the company behind, visit:


Author: Gustafio – Bitcointalk profile