WONO ICO – Decentralized renting, hiring, freelancing and asset sharing

WONO is a newly launched ICO project founded by Alexander Esaulov. Based around the technology of Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System, the platform is decentralized which allows users to interact with each other and exchange services and buy and sell products without the hassles of going through countless processes and hidden costs.

Alexander Esaulov’s idea of WONO was originated when he was flying from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg. The frustration of being charged constantly by taxes and commissions discouraged him in a positive way and gave birth to the idea of WONO. Unlike any other platform, WONO is much more diverse and has its focus concentrated on four different concepts,

  • Ease of property renting like Airbnb
  • Transportation hiring and renting like Getaround and Turo
  • Tangible asset sharing like gym memberships and purchasing gadgets
  • Sharing of services like that on Freelancer and Upwork

With these four concepts in mind, WONO is aiming to fill the gaps between the virtual crypto-currency and the real world transactions by the invention of WONO tokens. These tokens are platform-based currency which can be used for all the concepts mentioned above. There are several advantages to using WONO tokens,

Using WONO tokens for every single purpose means that currency exchange fees and transaction costs for international purchases are eliminated

Taxation problems are solved in sharing economy because WONO tokens are virtual
It’s much more trustworthy since users are in direct interaction before, during and after the transaction
Deals are entirely transparent and access to the information is visible so that trust between the clients can be increased
Extra expenses caused by travel and business trips are reduced
The WONO tokens are ERC20-based tokens and can be stored in any Ethereum wallet. The token rates grow in accordance with the number of assets that exist on the platform of WONO. This means that the more the number of assets, the more the token rates. There’s also a direct effect on the rates by the total number of users.

So, what good can joining WONO do for you?

Direct asset sharing

First of all, by becoming a part of WONO, you have the ability to share your asset with any peer of your choice on the blockchain and ESC (Ethereum Smart Contract) without the influence and hassle of having any intermediary in between.

Unlike any other platform, WONO was created with the aim of revolutionizing the process of exchanging assets and services. Therefore, you can use WONO for literally anything in your life without having to worry about extra costs.

Make your life simpler

You can travel around the globe, rent out transportation in advance, book hotels and even book a plane ticket without having to go through the process of currency exchange, taxes and hidden costs. Not just this but you can also use WONO tokens within that certain country. That, in a way can be described as, one standard currency for literally everything in the world!

Tax free (within certain juristictions)

Many countries in the world consider cryptocurrency as a virtual currency, which it obviously is, but due to this fact, taxes are exempted on the usage of these currencies. So, as a holder of WONO tokens, you can also leave your worries behind because these tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain technology and are entirely digital in nature. Hence, you are free from all kinds of taxes unless you wish to convert your tokens into physical money. But remember, this is only for some countries. Most of the known countries do not apply any kind of tax on virtual currencies.

Receive or offer freelance services

Since WONO tokens will also be usable on freelancing platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork, you can not only work for others and earn these tokens but you can also hire skilled workers for your job and business. Once again, since the currency is virtual, there will be no taxes or transaction fees (unless the website itself puts fees for working on it).

Global Currency

Last but not least, WONO can be used globally anywhere. Therefore, the concept of sharing economy can be exploited anywhere now, no matter from which part of the world you are!

The world is changing, technology is improving and blockchain is taking over the physical currencies of the world. Thanks to WONO, you can now use these technologies in your favor without having an inch of knowledge about them and still be able to conveniently carry out transactions. Travel around, exchange services, earn WONO tokens, have everything available virtually, be fearless of financial frauds and robberies and use WONO with confidence wherever you go. The ICO project that aims to change your life forever. WONO, the next step in the world of cryptocurrency!