With the rise of blockchain,Tikpay token brings new options for shopping life payments

Blockchain application is the important goal of all blockchain technology start-ups, not only technology, how can be practically applied to your life, this is the key to really popularize blockchain, will not be reduced to the end of the high and widowed, that is most closely related to our lives is of course consumer shopping, and blockchain payment is the core, next for you to uncover themystery of Tikpay token. 

Tikpay token is a centralized network platform for cross-chain information and transaction delivery, supporting cross-chain, cross-network peer-to-peer communication and transaction transfer between different financial institutions for transaction settlement.  Tikpay token provides a wide range of in-depth and comprehensive blockchain-based services to financial institutions around the world.  TPT is the foundation of the Tikpay token system, which is secure and reliable, supports instant trading and clearing, and meets privacy needs.

Tikpay token’s  blockchain subundrons can be deployed as private chains/alliance chains/public  chains.  Tikpay token has a relatively independent ledger and consensus algorithm that handles intra-chain transactions independently and can easily build a variety of DAPPps.  Tikpay token blockchain and public chain for value transfer.

The Tikpay token community has been shared, built and shared by participants since its inception.  Tikpay token is designed to build a multichained financial-grade blockchain network based on its own unique social network, Token-based user assets. For all participants around the world,the Tikpay token family is committed to building an ecosystem that can store digital assets in one-stop, second-level or cross-chain transactions, and move digital assets at high speed.

TPT is the foundation of the Tikpay token system; Safe and reliable, supporting instant trading and clearing, and meeting privacy needs.

TPT token allocation

Private equity 20%
Ecological construction 65%
Development team retains 15%.

Tikpay token is an ecosystem that supports the simultaneous or cross-chain trading and flow of digital assets, and is committed to building a financial-grade blockchain network that combines security and flexibility.  Tikpay token includes an innovative blockchain wallet that provides users with a unified address service for all digital assets based on the Tikpay token cross-chain protocol. As it continues to grow, Tikpay token will also offer features such as cross-chain transactions, asset issuance, smart contracts, and third-party payment interfaces.

Tikpay token’s ultimate goal is to quickly build fan traffic and build consensus through a blockchain sharing economy, knowing  that in the blockchain world, traffic and consensus are one and, when a community of members that has accumulated enough energy, they can further build a cross-international blockchain financial ecosystem that truly brings Tikpay token to the world and achieves its goal of decentralizing payments globally.

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