Why You Should Choose Bitcoin Instead of Gold

Mark Cuban, with a net worth of US$ 4.1 billion, recently claimed that he doesn’t like gold. He went further to call gold a religion that its investors continue clinging on to dogmatically. In his mind, gold is nothing more than a commodity worth collecting.

Cuban fearlessly went on to claim that Bitcoin and gold are essentially the same thing. As you might have concluded, such statements were never going to escape the attention of cryptocurrency investors.

In the wake of Cuban’s claims, discussions regarding the usefulness of Bitcoin vs. gold abound.

The hatred Cuban has towards gold is akin to his feelings where gold is concerned. In all this, what emerges is his clear misunderstanding of the technology that drives Bitcoin. Supply and demand determine the value of both gold and Bitcoin.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin is more than a mere digital collectible. Many investors – and regular users – are using it as a digital currency.

Therefore, you can start maximizing the awesome Bitcoin investment opportunities that are available to you today. To find out more about these opportunities, visit Cryptolico.

Differences Between Bitcoin and Gold

Mark Cuban notes one clear distinction between Bitcoin and gold. In terms of supply, Bitcoin has a definite cap at 21 million. On the contrary, gold doesn’t operate with such caps. For this reason, gold miners have permission to mine for as much gold as they want.

With time, the amount of gold they find will keep decreasing. Nevertheless, they will continue finding some as time elapses. Currently, nobody can definitely say how much gold there is in the world.

As this explanation shows, Cuban is wrong to claim that gold and Bitcoin are the same.

According to Cuban, gold isn’t a currency. His point that nobody walks around carrying gold to use in buying stuff is a valid argument. However, that shows another difference between gold and Bitcoin, as more people use the latter for paying for goods and services.

The Greatness of Bitcoin as an Investment

Despite what Mark Cuban feels and believes about Bitcoin, you wouldn’t find a better digital currency to invest in than it. Therefore, use Cryptolico, which gives you great returns. Here, you take part in low trading, which involves trading for only 3 out of 24 hours each day.

The moment that profits from your investments reach between 0.11% and 0.15%, Cryptolico will transfer it to the more stable USDC. From this process, your monthly earnings will be between 3.6% and 3.8% each month.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all great cryptocurrencies to invest in. It is not as useless as Cuban claims. Furthermore, it is capable of returning the high yields that you crave.

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