Why GSX is The Best Crypto Investment in 2020

The crypto space has seen tremendous growth in users and the number of transactions. A recent report by Kaspersky showed that at least 19% of the global population have bought and used cryptocurrencies as of 2019. Now, this is remarkable growth if you consider that cryptography has been in existence for slightly over a decade. 

However, a big chunk of the world population is still hesitant about cryptocurrency. One cause for hesitancy is a lack of strong crypto that fuses all vital services and focuses on future development.

Apollo fintech, a leading blockchain-based company, is, fortunately, working to solve that deficit. It has introduced GSX, a feature-rich, gold-backed stablecoin. The coin integrates all the necessary features to offer the best investment experience in the crypto space. 

Features of Gold Secured Currency

GSX is a stablecoin hosted on the Apollo blockchain. It is feature-rich crypto that comes with a vast range of benefits and advantages to users. Since it runs on the Apollo blockchain, it boasts all the same technology factors as Apollo Currency(APL). What are some of these features that make GSX the ultimate investment? 


GSX has a backing of the value of gold and gold-rich land owned by Apollo Fintech in Zimbabwe. 50% of profits from gold mining back the GSX coin value. Therefore, investors are assured of a stablecoin with high value. 

Perpetual Growth of Value

There is no other stable coin that gives surety of growth as GSX can provide. Due to the 50% gold mining profit backing, investors see perpetual growth in the value of assets. 

Coin Burns

Coin burn is a technique used by Apollo fintech to ensure that the coins keep their value. It involves burning an equivalent of 50% of the available coins and moving their value to the remaining GSX to raise its value. Moreover, it ensures that the currency’s value is sustained in the long run.


The GSX coin is redeemable for its gold value. Any time a GSX holder wants to drop the holding, they can do so without losing a dime because of the gold value backing. 


Dividends are another unique thing about the GSX coin. It’s the first coin to offer dividends to holders. The remaining 50% of the profits earned from gold mining annually is a dividend to holders.

Trust Ownership

Apollo Fintech owns large pieces of gold mining land in Zimbabwe. GSX holders have full mining rights of the properties owned by Apollo. 


The Apollo blockchains allow third-party auditing. This auditing makes GSX and Apollo currencies the most transparent and secure cryptos.

GSX Technology

Enabled Quantum Resistance

The Apollo blockchain is the first blockchain to add true quantum resistance. The world will soon embrace quantum technology, and GSX is the only stablecoin that will stand firm. That makes GSX the most advanced of all stablecoins.

Database Level Sharding

Apollo blockchain is the first blockchain to introduce this kind of extensive sharding. Sharding is the disintegration of data into smaller chunks to many different nodes called shards. These shards are autonomous and independent. This kind of sharding ensures blockchain sustainability. It solves the problem of blockchain bloat, making the Apollo system infinitely scalable.

The Apollo Updater

The updater protocol guarantees that all parts of the Apollo blockchain receive timely updates. The updater protocol has been a matter of examination for many blockchains, including Ethereum. However, Apollo remains the first and only blockchain to create this function. Regular updates mean even better services for all blockchain users. So GSX investors will always be sure of their safety, and the speed of their transactions will improve regularly. 

Benefits Owning GSX

The platform boasts zero scalability issues. That is because of the database level sharding that ensures there are enough resources to complete each transaction. The breakdown of data allows any trader to complete tremendous transaction amounts without the fear of running out of processing space. 

Moreover, the platform boasts a fast block completion speed of 2 seconds per transaction.

GSX users are fully secure when completing transactions on the platform. The transparency of the blockchain and sharding technique ensures a user won’t lose even a dollar worth of coins.

Investing in GSX

The features above make GSX better than any other stablecoin in the crypto world. The traditional currencies have no value backing. They are, therefore, prone to price plummets that may lead to severe losses to crypto holders. 

GSX combines the features of both the stablecoins and cryptos. The combination gives it a backing while still ensuring perpetual growth. 

Furthermore, the volatility of crypto doesn’t affect the value of GSX. The gold backing ensures that the coin will not hit a certain threshold and lead to losses. It’s the only stablecoin in the world that increases in value over time.

The liquidity of the coins is also easily attained. Remember, GSX is not any ordinary coin; it also possesses crypto-asset features. That makes it the most diverse of all the cryptocurrencies in the globe today. Diversity increases its demand and accordingly boosts its liquidity.

 Moreover, the fact that Apollo blockchain hubs GSX increases the liquidity of the stable coin. The Apollo blockchain can host a national currency and the National Payment Platform that supports CBDCs. The platform will also host the Apollo dex, which will warrant a quick exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The blockchain’s current features are just a small part of their big future idea of the company. There are even plans underway to introduce the best social media platform of all time. 

Final Word

Gold Secured Currency is the best cryptocurrency investment. The features included by the development team aim to make the crypto world a better financial ecosystem. The perpetual growth in the value of the coin makes it both a unique cryptocurrency and stablecoin.

The fact that gold, one of the most expensive metals, backs the value of the stablecoin, makes it a less volatile, therefore safe metal. Coin burns ensure the currency is not prone to inflations, thus remaining a good investment prospect. Consequently, it’s a fact that the GSX coin is going to attract even more investors into the crypto space. GSX is and will remain the ultimate crypto investment.

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