What type of crypto users are most concerned with privacy?

When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, no one actually believed in its potential. It was thought to be an ordinary thing, which barely could make any difference in the financial industry.

However Bitcoin and crypto in general proved everyone wrong. Even though it was 2017 when the first real surge of Bitcoin happened when it reached its historical maximum, the world’s largest cryptocurrency changed the concept of the financial world.

In addition to other advantages, one of the main traits of cryptocurrency is anonymity. Any transactions that are made remain private and are not visible to third parties, governments, and central banks. Because of that, the use of crypto has become very appealing for people and as time passes, statistics show that more people are actually using it. In this article, we will talk about users, who are most concerned with privacy and anonymity on the internet.

Casino players

It is no wonder that gamblers are probably the most “popular” ones in this regard. In some countries, gambling is restricted, so playing with cryptocurrency is an excellent opportunity. All Bitcoin casinos ensure their users’ anonymity and privacy. If you read the King Billy casino review here you will find out that the latter is also one of them.

It should also be noted that in some cases playing with real money on online casinos affects a person’s credit score because such transactions are the gambling ones. Because of that crypto helps remain anonymous and it is not visible to banks. For example, if you go to the bank for credit, a bank will not know whether you are playing in an online casino or not.


It may seem a little surprising but yes avid gamers are pretty much concerned about their anonymity. When they purchase in-game items or actual games they do not want their personal information to be disclosed to anyone. In Blockchain of course everything is stored and kept but no one can access them and identify a transaction’s owner.

When we are talking about gamers we usually mean online gamers, because they spent too much money on buying items to improve their characters. Pretty weird, but they think a lot about their privacy.

Dark web users

For some histories that exist on the dark web are nothing more than myths. However, it should be said that a lot of illegal things happen in the deepest parts of the Internet. Bitcoin helps

criminals, hackers to avoid being caught by the government and remain anonymous. Sadly the world’s largest cryptocurrency has its own drawbacks as well. People purchase illegal items and conduct illicit jobs on the Internet and they mostly use crypto.

Final thoughts

Because of anonymity and privacy, a lot of countries are contemplating making a regulatory framework to somehow control the use of Bitcoin. Such an approach from a government is frequently met with discontent, so states have found an alternative method which is creating the central bank digital currency, aimed at replacing crypto. Countries like Japan, Sweden, China, Canada are at the forefront of developing such currency. There is still a long way to go until everything is finished, but one thing is clear – as time goes on Bitcoin will only play a pivotal role in finances, and replacing it with something else will be very difficult to do.

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