cryptocurrency news week 31

Weekly Cryptocurrency Recap – Week 31

Bitcoin consilates and altcoins falls slowly

After last week’s report, we saw Bitcoin sharpen up from $ 6200 and up to $ 8200! Bitcoin has since consolidated downwards and is currently priced at $ 7090. The Altcoin market, on the other hand, has been hit harder. Even with Bitcoin’s upturn, altcoins were not ready to follow. This has led to the fact that most did not join Bitcoin on the bullrun, but also fell with Bitcoin on the downturn from $ 8200 to $ 7090. The big-mentioned ETF launch is something many believe may be the reason.

Here is an overview of the most important news the last week, with interesting reading material!

Winklevoss twins Bitcoin ETF rejected by SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected a new attempt by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, to list the first cryptographic ETF on a regulated exchange. Read more about it here.

Owner of NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) partner with Microsoft to launch a cloud-based cryptoplatform

Consumers, sellers and institutional customers will be able to “seamlessly” use the platform. Find out more about it and what it’s called here.

Starbucks partner with Microsoft on payment platform with crypto currency

Soon you can trade frappuccino on all Starbucks, with bitcoin! Read more here.

Sony patent on crypto mining

Japan’s technology giant Sony wishes to patent two hardware devices with the approach for hosting and maintenance of blockchains. Read more about it here.

New cryptoexchange set goals for European regulatory approval

A new crypto exchange has launched targets to comply with local legal requirements in Europe. If approved by the Financial Markets Authority, the stock exchange, named, will comply with Europe’s recently implemented MiFID II framework. Read more about it and what benefits it provides here.

Forbes: How blockchain surrounds our economy

Forbes has published an article written by Sherman Lee who deals with the internet, economy, centralization and decentralization, and privacy. Read the article here.

The most common crypto frauds, and how to avoid them

The growth of blockchains and cryptos has been undeniably exciting. Technical innovation and the fast trading paradigm continue to attract large volumes, but this also includes a number of bad actors. Learn how to protect yourself here.

India shows signs that they will legalize cryptocurrency as a means of payment

According to a legal report released in July 2018, the country estimates legislators to legalize multi-million industry sports betting in India – with crypto currency as legally acceptable means of payment. Something that may indicate that India is going to accede to cryptocurrencies in the future. Read more about it here.

Funny news related to cryptocurrency;
Kim Kardashian raised her bet in Charity Poker Night with bitcoin.
Bitcoin has already died about 100 times.
Keep calm, hackers will never use your smart toaster to mine bitcoin.