War of Eth – New Ethereum Based Battle Royale Game

War of Eth is a game that is based on the “Battle Royale” concept where users are set in an everlasting shrinking field where they have to survive until there is only one play/team left. In this case, the “line” is a number of keys, as with each round the required number of keys increases.

How does it work?

1. Round start

When a new round starts, users can choose between

  • Joining a pre-existing team
  • Starting a new team

You support your team by buying keys, and the earlier you buy them, the cheaper they are.

2. Elimination Rounds

The elimination rounds are based on the number of keys the teams have. Every 24 hours a new elimination round starts, and the number of required keys to “survive” is increased.

Round 1 – All teams must have 10 keys to survive
Round 2 – All teams must have 20 keys to survive

If a team fails to accumulate enough number of keys to pass the threshold when the elimination timer is gone, the team is eliminated.

3. Round end

The game finishes when there is only one team left. All ETH in the pot will then be divided between the participants in the winning team, based on their number of keys.

war of eth dappFigure 1: Screenshot of the DApp mid-game. All teams but “eossucks” and “ethisshit” has been eliminated by the smart contract, and the game has accumulated a pot of 11.3 ETH so far in the game.

Are my funds safe?

Yes. The smart contract behind the application has been verified to be safe by SECBIT.

Useful Resources


Bitcointalk ANN

Discord community channel

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or want to voice your opinion regarding the game.