Using Bitcoin Mixers to Ensure Anonymity

Bitcoin mixing, also called bitcoin laundering or bitcoin tumbling, involves using a third-party service to break the direct connection between the address that receives the coins and the sender address.

The bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records all transactions. Mixing is essential for anyone who prefers to keep their affairs private. It can help you to keep anonymous where you store your coins, send them and from where you receive them.

New tools are being released to help the private and public corporations and government agencies to track coins through the blockchain. Mixing coins properly is daunting for anyone unfamiliar with the process even if it takes a few minutes for each deposit, but it is crucial.

Currently, it still seems like mixing would be a waste of time for many people, and yet the future will demand it. Friends, employers, relatives and law enforcement will be able to track all transactions to see where they end up. Bitcoin tumbling will work as a necessary precaution for all DNM users.

Coin mixers like Bitmix work by pooling funds before creating a web of new transactions to obfuscate the source. In using this bitcoin mixer, you get the following features and benefits:

  • Full anonymity

All transactions are traceable on the bitcoin network. With a bitcoin mixer, there are pre-mixed coins, and all you do is fill a form and send the coins you are required to submit to the address you get. You will then have the mixed coins automatically assigned to you. Bitmix collects deposits from everyone into a central account before mixing them, cutting their fee and returning them to you.

Expect to receive a guarantee letter as proof of Bitmix’s duties. The digitally signed confirmation indicates that the address is genuine. You can request hard drive encryption and never store logs. Every entry is removed after 72 hours but can be taken down immediately if you request in the order page.

  • Instant transfers

You can mix as little as 0.005 BTC or 0.015 LTC and get the coins instantly transferred to your address after the transaction is confirmed. Bitmix already has cleared coins in its reserves to release. The platform offers multi-language support, including Korean, German, Chinese, Hindi, and Portuguese, among others.

  • Customization

Bitmix gives you an option to randomize the amounts you receive to accompany litcoin and bitcoin support. The randomize option allows you to get more than one transaction to your wallet. Without the feature, you only receive one backward transaction with mixed coins. If the feature is enabled, you get an additional two transactions for every output address. Consequently, bitcoin analysis is difficult.

You also get an opportunity to customize your fee between 0.4 and 4%. The idea here is that if there is an attacker who knows the service fee, they could easily perform an analysis to discover how much you transfer and to which accounts. Customization gives you a degree of control.

Extra benefits

Additional benefits of using bitmix include a partnership program. The platform allows you to get into a partner program where you receive instant payouts for every transaction conducted by a user you invite. You get a lock code after your first exchange. The code helps you to protect against receiving coins you added to the reserves in your previous transactions. There is an auto-adjust and manual setting option. You can use these options to improve your customization options and save your order settings to duplicate them later.

Often, you will come across the opinion that bitcoin mixers are relegated to criminals who want to hide illegal operations. However, a law-abiding user can benefit from using tumblers.  The mixer provides a means for double-checking and creates reliable barriers for monitoring bitcoin transfer.

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