Top 5 Use Cases for the Datablockchain Platform

What is Datablockchain

Datablockchain is one of the most hyped ICO’s at the moment. The project aims to offer a strong interaction between data sources and users. The technology will generate a one point solution that will remove the requirements for numerous data vendors and layers of Hat brokers and managers that produce ineffectiveness in the marketplace. This system will guarantee complete reliance on data standard for end users as well as the settlement of decisiveness for data providers.

Use-Cases of Datablockchain:

Forming brilliant predictions
Because all deals will be stored directly in a ledger, its technology-based business analytics and intelligence tools will be more effective than ever to scrap vast quantities of data and uncover hidden intuition. For example, by utilizing logical language processing, the equivalent of typing in a query or a question, its powered artificial intelligent platform will use the systematic predictive ability to convey solutions in real time With their forecast rules, businesses and individuals will be able to tap into accessible public data sets and privately use it for their projects.

Guarantee ownership
Datablockchain can also be executed to express possession and sanction access to delicate statistics. For example, its emerging startup, the trust token, has grown a digital legal process that will allow physical assets be possessed and run by smart contracts and the usage of trust organizations to offer enforcement under criminal and civil law when exerted to specific global holdings like small business and timeshares. This innovative kind of trust contract will efficiently validate and connect thus removing discourse over legitimacy. The tokenization service that this technology will offer will swiftly become the defacto way of recording possession of a valid property.

Eliminate cyber attacks
The distributed character of Datablockchain ledgers will provide some security benefits over ordinary data warehouses. Given that the network has no access point for infiltration, the risk of hacking will be substantially reduced. This technology will also usually use the most up to date and advance security standards to store data. All the information that will be logged onto its ledger will mechanically be cryptographically encrypted. This ledger will collect non-refutable, robust data that will be availed to anyone in the network.

Hasten supply chain
Another advantage that will come with the usage of Datablockchain for chains power supply and natural human power alternative is that this technology will intrinsically be automated. In that, by using an algorithm, human involvement inside the supply chain will be minimized. Furthermore, antiquated procedures like pen and paper will be eliminated and thoroughly changed to a digital accounting registry. Prominent companies are already discovering ways to execute Datablockchain into their function supply chains.

Data management
Right now, data management is one of the biggest problems for businesses. This lack of organization and security within large data and companies which gather that data is the reason why there have been a tremendous amount of attacks in prominent business organizations. Therefore, the requirement for excellent data control is explicit, and Datablockchain will be perfect for protecting this information.


Datablockchain aims to offer a complete solution that will serve as improvements to both the supply and demand side of the data trade. It will also resolve two critical market defects which are the deficiency of transactional lucidity and different data sources, both in payment and utilization to data owners.


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