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Universal Reward Protocol – The Ultimate Reward Program?

The following project is called Universal Reward Protocol, which is a protocol that allows consumers to earn by sharing personal data, visit chains and buy products.

How does it work?

The shopper is rewarded with the protocol’s own token unit URP, by personal offers issued based on customer data. The Reward protocol is a decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain technology. The best way to do transactions of data and values.

Each transaction of data will be done through a smart contract based on Ethereum’s blockchain. Dealers can create new systems for bonus points issued to the customers they would like to keep. An example of this is that customers who visit the store several times during a week will be rewarded with a chosen amount of URP tokens. The possibilities are many and it is up to the seller to decide how the customer is to be rewarded and what actions and purchases they make. With this comes Universal Reward Protocol with their own application where you have access to your own wallet and full overview of the rewards, which are the same as bonus points today.

The big difference here is that you can switch bonus points, ie tokens, to other currencies and tokens on decentralized exchange services. In this way, we will not lose bonus points that will be worthless as it is not enough to use on products offered by the dealer. Within the bonus points world, this is a major problem as millions of millions will be left behind because they can not be used to anything. One of the major issues blockchain technology also solves. Token can be used to a lot, so if this platform becomes popular with both consumers and shop owners, the token will rise well in value.


The team is led by Yves Benchimol, who holds a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Berkeley University and has previous experience from Jive. He has Louis Millon on his side acting as CTO and , a graduate engineer from the same institution. He has experience from companies such as Parrot and Autolib, one of the largest automotive companies in France. With them, they have more promising contributors and advisors, whom you can learn more about on the Universal Reward Protocol website.


According to their business plan, the public sale of the URP token will start soon. It is expected that the company will announce several important partnerships, including other decentralized applications, throughout the year. Their application will also be integrated into several major chains around the world. They have already brought large partners on the team, and their analysis technology has already been taken by world-leading companies such as Carrefour and Auchan. Universal Reward Protocol uses more revolutionary technologies for their ambitious project, including IoT sensors.
You can find more about this, and additional information such as business plan, team and more extensive information about the product, on their website: rewardprotocol.com

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