unity has applied for a blockchain patent that is going to give digital objects a unique ID. It is rumored that unity is working with enjin (cryptocurrency) to develop the technology.

Unity Applies for Blockchain Patent

Unity is a world-renowned company in the gaming sector. The company produces gaming engines used by major games worldwide. The Danish parent company Unity Technologies ApS has now applied for a patent for a blockchain solution that provides digital objects with a unique ID.

The patent was revealed through documents from the US Patent and Trade Brand Office. It is described as follows; “There is no current solution for assigning objects a unique identifier, which allows change transfer, trade or connection to the location.” Furthermore, the patent shows that it is not possible to share objects across platforms, users, and applications.

Engine SDK

Enjin, a blockchain based gaming platform for Gaming, released a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to create and integrate ERC155 tokens on the Ethereum network this week.

ERC155 is a standard developed by Enjin in collaboration with Ethereum. This standard allows developers to provide an infinite amount of objects unique identifiers through a single smart contract.

It is said that Enjin and Unity are working together on such a solution.

Cool – but what does this really mean?

Trading digital objects with such identifiers between users create some interesting opportunities. This means that digital objects players acquire, whether it be a sword, a FUT card or other, can have a real value that can easily be transferred between players. The compensation comes in the form of tokens, which can easily be exchanged to Fiat currency such as USD or EUR.