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Ubex ICO Review- Decentralized AI Based Marketing Platform

Ubex ICO Overview

UBEX is a global, decentralized exchange service for advertising, where companies around the world can advertise effectively. The publishers will gain profit in the form of tokenized advertising spaces on their own resources.

In today’s marketing industry, there are many issues, for both advertisers and users.

For users, there are irrelevant ads that are continually appearing that will not have any effect. The prices of the products advertised are also higher as there in most cases as intermediaries want their part of the commission on the sale. There is also a high risk of being cheated as anyone can market their product or services themselves on today’s leading advertising platforms.

For advertisers it is even more difficult: There is significant uncertainty about how well your ad meets the target audience, and often you do not get any of the data you receive from the intermediary you are advertising.

Ubex Solution

Ubex’s solution is to launch their own platform for the exchange of advertising spaces. Advertisers will use their UBEX tokens to be used to create smart contracts that perform the actions.

Ubex Technology

Ubex claims that they are utilizing the most advanced technologies in the world to collect information about the user and match them with the advertisers that fit their interests or needs. To get this information, Ubex rewards users on the platform that share their data with Ubex tokens.

This information is then sent to the native AI, which analyses the data and matches it with the best fitting advertiser. The Ubex AI analyzes both the advertiser website and the users browsing habits. After, it will choose the best fitting ad, and place it in the most effective spot on the site.

With Ubex, marketing is a lot easier. Before, you would need a whole marketing team to gain the best results for marketing campaigns, but with Ubex publishers will be able to do it in a few minutes. With Ubex, advertising becomes automatic, cheaper and more effective.


Ubex platform combining ai and blockchain technology


The team has already released the first working version of the Advertiser software (alpha), which was released in May. It is available for everyone to test out – the software can be accessed here.

According to their business plan, the first version (alpha)  of the Publisher software will be available at the end of the summer (August). The launch of the beta version will occur at the beginning of next year, while the fully operational software will be released in March 2019.


The UBEX team is big compared to most other blockchain projects, with a team consisting of 32 members and four advisors.
The team has various competencies, and several of the members have experience working with high-profile companies, as well as blockchain projects.
This would suggest that the team is well connected to many big, established firms, which could be of tremendous help for the success of the platform.

Let us go through a couple of the team members previous experience.

Artem Chestnov – CEO and CO-Founder
Artem has experience with both blockchain and marketing management. He is the managing director of LATOKEN, a liquid asset token with a market cap of 10 million (100 million USD January 2018).
He also has experience as the Marketing and Innovations director for Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), a Belgian-Brazilian beverage and brewery company with over 100,000 employees.

Additionally, Artem has been working with other top companies like Avery Dennison, where Artem served as a Market Segment Manager. The company is currently ranked 435 on the Fortune 500 list. Avery is a manufacturing company with 25,000 employees and estimated 6 billion in sales 2015.

Ekaterina Anthony – Head of Global Sales
Founder and CEO of Finvestech, a Swiss company providing marketing and legal solutions.
Ekaterina has previously worked as the international sales director for Moscow Exchange, Russias biggest stock exchange.

Check out the full team here.


The company is now conducting a coin issue, also known as ICO, to finance their product, marketing and more.

72% (2,88 B) of the 4 billion UBEX tokens is going to be allocated to ICO investors during the token sale. All unsold tokens will be burned,  and the team’s tokens are locked for one year through their smart contract.

The public token sale started May 21 and is going to last until August 13 unless hard cap has been reached before. The maximum number of Ether desired (hard cap) is set at 24,000. So far, 72% of the hard cap has been raised. This equals 17100 ETH or 5,5 million USD with the current price.

Minimum investment: 0.001 ETH
: Citizens of the United States, Iran, and North Korea do not have the opportunity to participate in this coin issue.
Accepted Currencies: Tokens can be invested using Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. As of today, poor 11,000 ETH is collected.

ICO Ratings online

The project and coin issue have received many positive reviews from many of the top ICO rating websites. As the picture below illustrates, the ICO has been given one of the best possible ratings on several of the sites. Both Tokentops, ICOmarks, and ICOnow has rated Ubex as one of their top 3 best rated ICO’s.
We have yet to see any negative review of the project.

Additional Resources

To find out more about the project, the coin issue and the team behind, visit their website at Ubex.com. Click HERE to read the whitepaper.

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Ubex is a project that is backed by a sensible economic model and is supported by a high-connected and robust team in a constantly growing market. I would consider Ubex as a low-risk investment.