TV-TWO ICO – TV 2.0? Get Paid to Watch TV

TV-TWO in a nutshell

TV-TWO is a project from Germany that currently holds an initial coin offering for their token, TTV (short for Token for Television). With this token, users will be able to get paid to watch TV through their TV-ecosystem. The user has the control over what kind of content they want to receive based on their personal interests. By watching content through the TV-TWO app, they will receive earnings from the sponsors of the TV-channel. With the help of a simple application, we now get several of the industry’s intermediaries cut out.

The advantages for the manufacturers are big compared to the traditional TV-channels. The funding of videos can now be done by utilizing advertisements on the platform, 100% transparent. Advertisers can now use the first-party data for TV campaigns. The platform is also beneficiary for small content creators, as users of the platform can choose to donate their tokens to content creators to finance their videos.

What are they trying to solve?

Let’s be honest, the traditional TV-ecosystem is slowly dying. People are now turning over to other alternatives such as Netflix and Youtube. This is because they want to be able to choose what kind of content to watch, and have had enough of annoying ads.

Some people don’t find streaming services like Netflix suitable for them either, as they have to go through heaps of content to find something they can enjoy. What they need is a merged platform that gives the advantages of TV-channels (watch right away) and streaming services (choose the content you want to watch).

This is where TV-Two enters the picture. TV-TWO is the first TV-app where you can choose the kind of content that suits your personal preferences, thereby giving you a personalized experience. By additionally getting paid tokens to watch, you are given an incentive to watch more.

The unique component of TV-Two’s ads, besides being customizable to your interests, is that you have the option to skip ads you find annoying, or have no interest in watching. This will greatly enhance the TV-watchers experience, and it will be of benefit to both the advertiser and the end user. The end user gets a more comfortable experience, and the advertiser won’t have to pay for ads for the audience who has no interest in the product.

How to use the TV-TWO App

It’s easy to set up and use the TV-TWO application. You start by installing the application on your smart TV and syncing your wallet to your digital devices.
You can choose between creating a new ethereum wallet through the application, or connect to your existing one.

Now, you need to personalize your own channel list so you receive the content you want to watch. When it’s done, you start watching.
You are
now earning TTV tokens by watching TV – which can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Fiat on decentralized exchange services.


Tv-Two’s main competitors are the traditional TV-channels, as well as streaming platforms like Netflix and Youtube. The biggest challenge is getting enough users to the platform, as advertisers won’t take the time to customize campaigns for platforms with a small audience.

Social media presence and digital footprint

Here are the numbers for Tv-two at the time of writing (30.06-2018).

Twitter– 3895 followers
Facebook – 5250 followers
Telegram– 10914 followers
Reddit– 75 followers

ICO Ratings

The project has received the following ratings from the top ICO-rating platforms:

Finance: 8.8/10
Product: 10/10
Team: 5.0/10
Marketing: 9.5/10
ICO score: 8.4/10

29 expert ratings
ICO profile: 4.7/5
Team: 4.4/5
Vision: 4.2/5
Product: 3.9/5

ICO profile: 8.8/10
Social activity: 9/10
Team proof: 10/10
Domain score: 7/10


The main sale for TTV started May 24th and it’s going to last until from July 24th. The soft cap is only 2,500 ETH (reached) the hard cap is 25,000 ETH.

A total of 500 million tokens (75% of the total token supply) will be released during the token issue. So far, 219 million tokens have been sold, and 7,6 million USD has been contributed.

It has been confirmed that the token is going to be listed at the following exchanges after ICO:

Bancor– Volume ≈ 5 million USD

IDEX – Volume ≈ 5 million USD

Trade.io – New exchange – launching 17th July

Learn more

Check out the introduction video from the company below:



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