The Long Awaited TuneTrade Tokens – Exchange Token Sale Starting Soon!

What’s New?

The talk of TuneTrade has been on everyone’s lips. They are the first platform giving the public so much power. By using their platform, you would be able to create your own cryptocurrency – a real ERC20 controlled by you.

TuneTrade’s progress on various platforms indicates that the wait is real. Crypto lovers cannot wait to explore this opportunity. These are the latest milestones;

  • 4.4 (out of 5) score on ICOHolder
  • 9 (out of 10) on ICOMarks
  • Whitepaper (updated and expanded) released
  • About 90,000 members on TuneTrade Telegram Community
  • Over 11,000 members in Korean TuneTrade Telegram Channel
  • In more than 100 publications, both mainstream and crypto news
  • First ever TuneTrade TXT token trade announced

What is TuneTrade about?

You might have just heard about TuneTrade and you are wondering what is different about them. As crypto-economy grows, people are facing various challenges. TuneTrade is the answer to those challenges.

Before, if you do not understand basic codings like functions, variables, and standards, you have zero hope of creating a cryptocurrency. You either learn it or get someone to do the job for you.

On TuneTrade, you can complete the whole process by just filling a form! You fill in the coin’s name, how many to mint, how many will ever exist, and so on. TuneTrade does the rest and you have created a cryptocurrency.

Creating a cryptocurrency is however not the most difficult part, being listed on an exchange is. With TuneTrade, you can consider this done. Users of TuneTrade are allowed to list their new tokens on its integrated exchange. TuneTrade’s suite of services takes care of the whole process of the token launch.

You can decide to conduct an ICO instead of listing immediately though. Once you are done, you could use TuneTrade’s management tools. It is integrated to allow you to distribute tokens to multiple investors at once.

This process will normally require technical experts and a quite large budget. On the exchange listing alone, you could be spending up to $6,000 – $30,000. This is just for smaller exchanges before it could even be considered by large exchanges.

With just 5 dollars and zero coding knowledge, you can create your own token and have it listed – just with TuneTrade.

The TuneTrade TXT Token

TXT is a requirement to fund a token creation on TuneTrade. It is the first pairing for any token on the exchange. People can buy any cryptocurrency on TuneTrade but they must use TXT for their purchase.

It is not surprising then that everyone wants a piece of this cake. Some TXT tokens have been given for a beta testing on the platform or social media sharing. Over 60,000 people have gotten tokens this way.

None has been released to the public until now! After waiting so long, the very first TXT Token sale is here! Get a TXT token within one of the 2 days 1 hour period. IDAX presents the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), the first 1-hour window sale will be on 29th April at 10:18 (UTC+8).  The second 1 hour opens the following day 30th April at the same time, 10:18 (UTC+8).

TuneTrade is almost complete. Yet, it has never sought money from the general public. This upcoming sale is NOT ICO. It is a chance for people interested in this platform to get some tokens before its formal launch.


How Do I Get the TuneTrade TXT Token?

To participate in this amazing offer:

For more information:

  • Go to TuneTrade’s page at
  • Read TuneTrade Whitepaper
  • Seek answers from TuneTrade’s team on Discord