TruePlay.io Overview – Honest and Transparent Gambling Platform

TruePlay is developing a transparent and honest platform for gambling.

Using Ethereum’s blockchain, all data that is usually hidden away from today’s centrally based gaming companies will be displayed on a public blockchain where all information is 100% transparent which enables us to validate all data.

There is a lot of problems with established gambling platforms today. Gamblers have no way to validate that the game is being run in a fair way. Affiliate marketers have no transparent way to see how many people they’ve recruited. TruePlay is a platform of complex software development solutions for online gambling.

The platform allows licensed gaming companies to access their software.

Their technology is aimed at developing an internet-based gambling solution. They are constructed to satisfy the standards of a legal platform, but with one unique trait: transparency.  A transparent platform where everyone can help to see for themselves if the game is made 100% fair.

To finance the development of the platform, the company is conducting a coin issue, also known as the Initial Coin Offer (ICO).

The Token issued will be sold and used by participants of the market for payment of services.

What does the platform solve?

1. Receiving payments in different cryptocurrencies.

2. KYC and AML participants check.

3. Transparency in all the transactions.

4. Games honesty control based on the blockchain technology.

5. Turn-key solution for all projects, including that of the platform itself.

6. Licensing and games from top international providers.


Soft Cap – 3,000 ETH
Hard Cap – 43,000 ETH
PreICO time: 15. April – 30. June
Main ICO time: 1. July – 31. August

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