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Tron – Hypetrain or the next big thing?

If there is a company in the crypto space today that is mad enough to reach its ambitious visions, then TRON can be quite a good candidate.

TRON is a decentralized protocol that aims to build a worldwide entertainment platform with free content and distributed storage technology. The protocol allows each user to publish, store and own data freely.

In today’s modern world, almost all content creation on the Internet is forced through giant conglomerate companies like Google, Youtube, Apple, Spotify, etc. If you are a creator and want to earn money on your websites, videos, music, blogs, you will have to go through these giant companies, which again serve as “intermediaries.” These intermediaries serve you the platform for your content but also want to take a percentage of the profits your content generates through clicks, likes, views, streaming, etc. They have full control over how much they will pay you for the content you’ve created or published. In addition, these companies do not just control how much you earn for your content, they also have the ability to censor and control what you make.

The problem with censorship has become a challenge in the Youtube community. Videos that do not fall in line with their “advertising-friendly” guidelines are removed spontaneously.

youtube censorship

In August 2016, YouTube introduced a new system to alert users to violate the rules for “advertiser-friendly content.” In the new system, users were allowed to complain about the censorship. Shortly after the introduction, many prominent YouTube users began to accuse YouTube of engaging in de facto censorship.

Solution? TRX and TRON protocols!

As mentioned in Tron’s whitepaper, their goal is to create a worldwide entertainment platform with free content. Tron will achieve this by building this system. They want to cut out intermediaries, giants like Youtube and other similar online giants and to create a platform belonging to the users. With the new platform, they can then return the profits to the content companies.

When a user of the TRON protocol creates content, such as a video, he can upload it directly to the TRON block and then get paid directly. Every single “upvote”, “like,” “clap”, “heart” and “share” on the video will give the user direct compensation without the intermediaries taking part of the profits.

Greater ambitions

Solving the problem of centralized entertainment content is just a target for TRON. The ultimate goal is more ambitious. TRON’s vision is to completely transform how we as a global society interact with each other via the internet and blockchain on a decentralized platform.

TRON (TRX) will allow the issuance of own tokens, just as Ethereum enables the issuance of tokens through smart contracts. This is how Tron hopes that the industry will build new platforms on their platform. Tron will then be glue that ties these platforms together.

Let’s say you’re using an app that makes it easy for users to share bicycles over your phone. Based on the time you borrow your bike and the total distance the user has cycled you will be rewarded in the form of tokens from the company behind the application.

You can then use these tokens that you have earned from the bike app, to buy you, for example, a cup of coffee. You do not have to change the bike tokens for coffee tokens manually; it is automatically switched in the TRON protocol.

What has TRON done so far?

Tron announced a partnership in December 2017, with oBike, a multinational bicycle trading company operating in 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia. oBike has about 10 million users.

oBike will use their own token, “oCoin” that will be used on the Tron platform.

Users can generate oCoins when using oBikes. In other words, you get paid for cycling.

An update on oBike in January enabled users to order and deliver goods to a place of their choice. oBike promises deliveries as fast as two hours.

This feature reminds you of UberEATS, where you can order fast food or food from restaurants, and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

TRON in the gaming industry

In the footsteps of Ethereum’s popular CryptoKitties, Tron introduces Pet Planet and Love.Pet! which is made by

CryptoKitties has earned over $ 18 million since it was released in December 2017, but has met a number of challenges. The game was, among other things, accused of slowing down the entire Ethereum network because it generated so many transactions. TRON and are very keen to learn from CryptoKitties mistakes, such as avoiding overuse and overbred cats. For a complete explanation and review of Pet Planet, check out the article TwentySumCrypto wrote here.

TRON and fintech

In February, Peiwo APP declared that they had connected to the TRX network.

Peiwo is an app that is aspiring to become “Chinas Snapchat”. It was created by the founder of Tron, and they have a unserbase of approximately 10 million.

Peiwo users can now deposit and withdraw TRX in Peiwo using a cryptographic wallet. Additionally, users can also buy and donate virtual gifts to each other, also known as “tips” or “tipping.”

This tip feature resembles Twitch’s donation feature, Bits, that fans use to support their favorite streamers.

TRON and social media

Earlier this January, TRON announced that it had built a strategic partnership with GSC (Global Social Chain). In the future, TRON will assist GSC in funding, technology, and infrastructure.

GSC is affiliated with Mico, a social platform for the global market, launched in February 2015. Mico is one of the major social platforms in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, with over 100 million registered users!

Partnership with Gifto and Uplive

Gifto is a new virtual gift platform, launched by Asia Innovation Group.

Gifto will use TRON’s platform to handle many transactions by users who purchase virtual gifts. The first use of this partnership has already been launched with Peiwo’s virtual gift-reading system, operated by Gifto.

Every month, millions of people use Uplive to watch live streamed content. The company has stated that they will earn over 100 million dollars alone from virtual gifts in Uplive.

With Gifto, virtual gifts are brought to blockchain so that they can be created, purchased, sent and tracked across all content platforms.

The next step would be to integrate Gifto into GSC social networking.

Tron has also bought BitTorrent and

TRON has high ambitions for the future. However, they are still in a very early stage so it will be exciting to follow them in the future.

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