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Gaming started over 50 years ago and has now become one of the major world industries. It has transformed the entertainment industry in ways one could not have anticipated. The digital games market grew by 8% in 2014 to get to $61 billion, which is major for an industry where the first game was a ball bouncing between platforms. The world has come a long way to have complete worlds existing within machines.

Among the recent developments is a crossover between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the gaming audience. The intermarriage may have pushed for the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into video games. Currently, there are game developers who lose profits whenever players sell their game items on the grey market. Cryptocurrency builders are working with game developers to solve the issue; creating in-game assets with cryptocurrency. There are many possibilities when you marry the two, including making games in the same universe that allow a crossover of items between games.

Introducing transparent Ethereum gaming with

With, the winner is not chosen by organizers like with casinos, slot machines or lotteries, but there is an underlying algorithm that eliminates the possibility of determining the winner on bias. The game is based on cryptocurrency because the blockchain system is secure, reliable and decentralized. The algorithm is honest and transparent. The system has the logic for finding the winner in-built and will automatically disburse payments to them without needing a third party.

Anyone interested in wiling away their pandemic free time can try this game that is available at a price of 0.011 ETH ≠ 3.23 EUR. The game rules are simple. You buy a ticket, and when the last ticket gets sold, the winner is determined by the algorithm. If you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, there is a manual that you can use to help you iron out the details.

All of this happens with an assurance of complete anonymity, faster coin transfers and affordable coin transfer fees.

The game has four rooms: purple, blue, red and green. Each room allows for different amounts of prize money and the number of tickets you need for the prize to be drawn. You do not need to register so as to participate in the game and you only need a minimum of one ticket although you can buy unlimited ticket numbers to increase your chances of winning.

If a user tries to transfer money which is less than the price of the ticket, the transaction is cancelled and you are not charged a commission. The amount remains in your wallet. Should you transfer money in excess, but not a multiple of the price of a ticket, you receive as many tickets as the money can buy within the available tickets in the sale. The rest of the money is returned to you immediately.

There are two options for anyone who tries to purchase a ticket in a finished round. If a drawing is possible, the winner is determined and a new round starts where your tickets will go to. If no drawing can be made, no transaction will be made and there will be no charged commission.

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