Topex.io ICO Review – Helps You Avoid Crypto-Trading Losses and Compensates You for Your Losses

Crypto-trading isn’t without risk. Even with the best analytics and knowledge, crypto investments are prone to losses. Topex.io is a crypto trading platform that promises to cover your transaction losses when trading in cryptocurrency.

Complete reimbursement for crypto losses hangs right there on the edge of believability but, Topex has a new trading model in which users get up to 100% of their losses back. That’s not all, holders of Topex.io receive extra income by getting a share of the daily profits realized by Topex exchange.

Topex Platform Overview

Topex seeks to simplify work on its trading platform and minimize the loses that come from unsuccessful trades. The platform additionally distributes daily profits to holders of the TPX tokens. While several other platforms have profit distribution features, very few, if any, compensate clients for their losses.

Topex.io is created following a systematic approach to risk analysis. This exchange model allows users to hedge the volatility risk associated with cryptos. Loss-compensation is realized through a redistributed fourth part of the commission that is paid by bidders on the exchange. This fourth part commission is directly proportional to the fund volume tied to a specific transaction. The exchange has also created a compensation fund to cover losses. This fund has been set up using part of the daily profits. It is usually 25% of the day’s turnover.

Specific Advantages of Using Topex.io

Topex is much more than a mere cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is a fully-fledged financial tool. Its unique architecture is designed to perform multiple complex algorithms simultaneously. In addition to crypto exchange, Topex offers the following benefits.

  1. Diverse Order Placements

Through Topex.io one can place several different crypto-trading orders including:

  • Limit Orders– orders at specified prices
  • Market Orders– instant sale or purchase orders at current prices
  • Trailing Stop Orders– next stop orders
  • Stop Orders– Orders placed when a particular price has been reached
  • Hidden Orders– Orders that are placed without being displayed in the general order book
  • Smart Orders– Smart orders allow users to reduce losses in crypto transactions
  1. Low-Risk Margin Trading

Through Topex, you get a unique experience when you trade with leverage. Topex offers a small shoulder of X3 leverage with is both professional and more efficient compared to conventional trading. The most essential thing in margin trading is that the client doesn’t lose money. The leverage offered here protects trading assets from trading risk while giving users the opportunity of having a credit shoulder.

  1. Customizable Interface

Topex has a highly customizable interface. Users of this platform can easily move, delete or hide all the elements as they work on the exchange. It’s also easy to create an entirely new custom interface that delivers convenience in terms of efficiency, ease, productivity, and reliability.

Even without customization, the interface is adaptive and very helpful, especially to new users. Customization is nonetheless ideal for seasoned users who wish to personalize their experiences on the platform. The customization options were designed by a balanced team of specialists in computer graphics, programming, ergonomics, and psychology.

  1. Multiple Trade Pairs

Topex has numerous pairs for trade which makes it possible for users to evade payments of additional commissions. The pairs also allow users to place simultaneous orders on one or multiple pairs. This system additionally enables you to follow the rates of different pairs on the same page without switching to a new page.

  1. Built-In Crypto Portfolio

The crypto-portfolio on Topex allows the user to easily keep track of any alterations in purchased coins, shares and/or profits. The portfolio records and displays all exchange transactions, all buying transactions, all selling transactions as well as your total balance and profits or loses within the last 24hours.

Through the portfolio’s timeline, it’ also very easy to analyze your previous actions. By studying your past trade decisions, you’ll gain insight into what to do and what not to do in your current and future transactions. This will cumulatively reduce the risk of incurring trade losses.

  1. Integrated Tradingview.com Charts

Topex.io has integrated charts from tradingview.com. This feature is a direct move towards the enhancement of technical analysis of the crypto markets so as to reduce trading risks. By cross-examining trend lines on these charts, Topex users will be able to predict price drops or increase better. The charts have additional features including:

  • Graphics tools
  • Asset selection, schedule selection, indicators selection, and alert selection
  • Scripts and test panels
  • Economic data
  • Social functions
  1. Trust Management

Through trust management, the Topex system analyzes experienced traders and provides additional benefits to other investors by pointing out superior investment partners. Traders give consent to have their trading activities monitored and analyzed. Users who are tracked and monitored are in return given free Topex (TPX) tokens. TPX holders can then use the information gathered by the platform to subscribe to the highest-rated and best traders. Actions in successful transactions with the best traders can be repeated automatically or semi-automatically.

  1. An Inbuilt Prediction System

The charts that are hosted on Topex.io will also have an inbuilt prediction system. This system will minimize the risk of trade losses further by analyzing different trading indicators across various time periods. Professional analysts have also been brought on board to help make informed predictions about future cryptocurrency trends.

The prediction system uses a unique algorithm that’s available to those who have the TPX token. This algorithm uses a mathematical model that analyzes currency, stock and cryptocurrency markets. The prediction system also accurately predicts the maximum level of losses that are possible and acceptable for all transactions on Topex.io. It, therefore, works to prevent losses by automatically closing a deal once the maximum loss allowed has been reached.

Topex (TPX) Tokens

TPX is an ERC20 token. Holders of the token will enjoy daily dividends among many other benefits. Some of the merits of this token include:

  • Daily dividends
  • Ability to use Topex Smart Orders
  • Ability to engage with and subscribe to the actions of the most successful traders on Topex.io
  • Access to Topex’s price prediction system
  • Conferment of voting rights to the token holder

Later on, as the platform grows, Topex.io will buy out TPX tokens at market price from willing sellers.

Final words

Three things stand out from Topex.io:

  1. It’s a brilliant platform that can support many different crypto transactions.
  2. It’ an excellent platform that not only prevents crypto-trading losses but also compensates users for any losses they incur.
  3. It’s a client-focused exchange in which holders of TPX tokens enjoy daily distribution of profits.

These three things make Topex.io both a good opportunity for investors and a great tool for cryptocurrency traders.

ICO Summary

Token Sale Date: ICO: Starts: 19th September 2018. End: 17th October 2018.
Token:                 TPX
Type:                    ERC20
Buy With:           ETH
Price:                    1 TPX=0.0002 ETH
Bonus:                 40% private sale bonus
Hard Cap:           20,000 ETH
Soft Cap:             1,000 ETH
Country:              Russia
Restricted in:    South Korea, USA, Republic of China, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
Whitepaper:     https://topex.io/docs/wp/topex.pdf
Website:             https://topex.io/

Author: Dantrevons