Top 5 ICOs that have shown product

When the first ICOs appeared during the Bitcoin rush of 2017-2018, the hopes of investors were high. They were all trying to invest in these small ICOs all releasing their own tokens, in hopes of hitting the next treasure trove of valuable coins. Yet, it has been two years and a significant number of these ICOs either have yet to produce any kind of product or have simply vanished from the eye of the public, taking all of the money invested in them and running. This has given ICOs a bad reputation, even though there are instances where ICOs have produced some of the most interesting and exciting technological advances that have recently made it onto the news. Below, we are going to be discussing the pick of the litter, the creme de la creme of the ICOs that have produced a product. And these are quite impressive products as well, so pay attention. You might learn how to actually recognize a reliable company in its roots and invest in it.


Singularity is a decentralized marketplace, like so many other companies in the world of cryptocurrencies, but it is also quite unique in what it offers to the users. The company creates a marketplace where users and developers of advanced AI and business people can connect to each other and build professional relationships with each other. The company, in the beginning, decided to spend more time focusing on AI software that was related to cybersecurity, cloud robotics and biomedical investigation and quickly became a popular, go to platform for many who want to find work in the AI development industry or want to actually learn about the industry, as the marketplace also provides access to tools and educational materials that are related to the purpose. The platform has been operating quite successfully since its foundation.

The most impressive feat that the company has achieved is the fact that they provided the software that was used in order to build Sophia the Robot (which was built by Hanson Robotics). The highly advanced AI software allowed Sophia to operate as impressively as it did, and perform its duties as a social robot well enough that it became the first non-human that was given citizenship of a country, specifically Saudi Arabia. A little while later it became the first non-human to hold a UN title. One of the most impressive achievements by any ICO that we are aware of.


The blockchain industry covers a large number of products and services. With how mutable the technology is, the product that can be made with the help of this technology is highly varied. One of the more popular uses that have been figured out by the developers of the games that, any people around the world spend time playing online. These developers have joined in the platform that DAO. casino ICO has created. This platform allows developers to lead easier lives in the game development process as they can take templates and tools from the platform that the company has created for them. The developers will be able to find tools that will enable them to create some high-quality online roulette games, blackjack games, or slots games. The platform already has a number of templates present on it already. The up and running game development platform has become a valuable addition to the industry, as it provides users with the much needed simplified process of operation. The goal of the platform, right now, is to keep expanding to a point where it is able to start offering B2B services with a much wider scope than they are doing right now.


In the age of information, one of the most valuable things in the world is the ability to manage the data that is constantly flowing into your data banks. One of the ways to do so is to start working with Factom, a blockchain based platform that allows users to manage data, process validation and provides verification solutions. The technology that is involved with Factom allows for highly secure systems and advanced verification procedures that are nigh-impossible to deceive. The systems developed by this business are so highly advanced and so impressive, that the Department of Homeland Security awarded them a six-figure contract in order to start working with them and keep developing their platform, twice, over the two years that they have been working together. This means that the company is not only reliable in the way they operate and in what they produce, but are also a valuable investment for those seeking an exceptional level of security for some of the most important pieces of information that people are able to get access to at any point. A highly successful product that is worth keeping an eye on and learning from.


Bancor was one of the many ICOs that attracted a huge amount of attention in 2017. It became one of the most important ICOs during that year, amassing a staggering 150 000 USD in their release, destabilizing the Ethereum network, and setting the standard for some of the most successful ICOs in history. The record set by Bancor got beaten sometime later, of course, but it has since produced an impressive, working and successful product: a decentralized exchange that the users can utilize in order to convert tokens into each other with an automatically calculated price, decreasing the cost of the transaction as a result of excluding any third party from the operation. It uses smart contracts in order to remain liquid no matter what and is highly successful at what it does, as a result.


In the age of social media, it is not surprising that there are many blockchain projects that sai they would be creating their own social media platforms and starting ICOs in order to finance them. Only a few survived the ICO phase and one of them became the better known and the better regarded social media website. Telegram is one of the largest social media platforms currently working on blockchain. It is not a website per se, but more of an app that allows users to communicate with each other without the fear of the messages being sent being observed in any way. Telegram went through an incredibly impressive ICO stage, setting the records that remain unbroken in terms of the financing it received. It now operates, even despite all of the trouble that the system had to face, and is very popular in areas where surveillance is an issue.

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