TikPay was awarded major Payment Institution License by MAS

TikPay is an Ecuador-based  one-stop digital payment solution provider, one of the largest and leading providers of QR code aggregate payment platforms and payment channels in Ecuador, with the Monetary Authority of Singapore awarding the FinTech Award, Citibank’s Asia Pacific Most Promising Company Award and OCBC Bank’s Outstanding Company of the Year Award.

TikPay is also one of the first holders of the “Large Payment Institutions”licence issued by the Monetary Authority of the Bank of Singapore (MAS) and is currently applying for a Digital Currency Licence from the Monetary Authority of the Bank of Singapore.  TikPay provides payment and clearing services to clients in the e-commerce, takeaway, aviation, publishing, travel and hospitality, catering, education and retail sectors, including singapore newspaper holdings, Resorts World and other well-known companies. Through mobile payment solutions, the company enables merchants to offer customers avariety of digital payment options, including WeChat Payment, GrabPay, PayNow, ShopeePay, Singtel Dash, credit cards, and more.

TikPay is a multi-chained financial blockchain network that includes multiple T1 blockchains, wallet nodes such as Tik-B, and various participants in the TikPay ecosystem. With homogeneous cross-chain protocols,TikPay users can quickly complete cross-chain transactions between different T1 blockchains within TikPayNet, or interoperate with other public chains through heterogeneous cross-chain protocols.

T1 is the blockchain unit of TikPayNet, each  with a relatively independent ledger and consensus algorithm, andT1 can handle intra-chain transactions independently.  Membersof the TikPay community can build T1 networks to build applications in a decentralized form, while T1 blockchains can connect to TikPayNet for  value transfer with other T1 networks and even other public chains. Enterprises can also deploy T1  to meet their internal business needs in the form of   private/federation/public chains.

The TikPay master chain refers to the primary chain in TikPayNet.   The TikPay master chain is also created based on T1 technology, and unlike other T1 blockchains,the TikPay main chain hosts TikPay Token  (T PT), which is T  The foundation of the ikPay main chain, Token, can be used as a measure of the value of the transaction and as a credit asset for the settlement of funds, or as a credit asset in TikPayNet issue collateral for other Token or cross-chain transactions.  The TikPay master chain supports all T1 blockchains as well as cross-chainprotocols between TikPayNet and other public chains.

TikPay Wallet is an innovative blockchain wallet tool that provides users with unified address management for all digital assets.  TikPay is more than just a wallet, it’s a full-featured blockchain terminal. The future  TikPay will also support peer-to-peer asset transactions across different blockchains based on heterogeneous cross-chain protocols, which will make us look forward to TikPay’s  future.  

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