TikPay Token gives you a quick overview of the main keys to blockchain payments

Blockchain payment is difficult to understand and trust, in addition to the market circulation and recognition to be high enough, whether there is a high international credibility of third-party institutions and banks to cooperate, this is very important!  Because this third-party organization or bank, will be able to bring all customers enough security, merchants feel at ease to accept blockchain payment, customers feel at ease with blockchain payment, so that can be smoothly promoted, and TikPay Token did so.

Fintech ChainLimited(ASX:FTC), an Australian-listed company that works deeply with TikPay Token, plays a key role in the Token Cash System(TCS)business.   The FTC has been focusing on bank bill-collecting transaction transfer system services for 9 years and now supports transaction transfer system services to more than 300 banks, bill-collecting institutions, and exchange licensees worldwide.   FTC’s partner banks have served more than a million merchants, processing more than 10 million transfer transactions per day.  The FTC’s achievements in the field of French currency transfer demonstrate thattheFTC payment transfer receipt system has been verified by national bank-level technology.

So how did TikPay Token complete the liquidation transfer process with Fintech Chain Limited(ASX:FTC)?  Who are the participants in the intermediate process?  We’ve set up a demo here:

  1. Merchant: Refers to a merchant who accepts TPT payments and owns a TikPay Token T-Linx POS machine;
  2. Consumer: Refers to an individual who holds a TPT and downloads a wallet accessing TikPay Token;
  3. The receiving party: refers to the third party holding the financial license and the major banks, legally in accordance with the rules, take the legal currency channel;
  4. Transfer agency:TikPay Token,which brings the entire process together;
  5. Card issuer: Each issuer is Token Issuer;
  6. Exchange institution: Similar to an exchange, used for conversion between different Tokens. 

We can simplify the above six parties into three major parts, the first part is the clearing and settlement service provider, the second part is the user of TikPay Token, the third part is the online and offline merchants.

These three parts can form mutually reinforcing relationships:

1, with the increase of TikPay Token users, will continue to promote online and offline merchants access to TikPay Token power, merchants can more intuitively appreciate the future of TPT payment prospects.

2. With the increase of online and offline merchant access, more new users will be added to TikPay Token, as the market will accept faster, more convenient and more choice of consumer platforms.

3, clearing and settlement service providers to provide fast and secure services to stabilize online and offline merchant access, and constantly accelerate the 1 and 2 procedures.

This mutually reinforcing relationship is like an uninterrupted enhancement effect that makes development more and more rapid. TikPay Token aims to create a low-cost, compliant and efficient blockchain financial solution for financial institutions around the world.  Linking the traditional financial industry with blockchain finance into a complete new generation of financial system gives the modern financial industry new possibilities to achieve industrial upgrading.

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