TikPay blockchain payments, officially launched july 1 in Asia Pacific

TikPay Wallet based on cross-chain protocol can not only provide users with unified digital asset address services, but also with the development of TikPay, will also provide cross-chain transactions, asset issuance, smart contracts, third-party service interface and other functions,  has been officially in China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia and other regions trial operation.  

The TikPay team said that the current docking merchants are mainly local grocery stores and restaurants, so that TikPay members for the blockchain payment experience, and then planning to hold blockchain garden tours in large shopping malls, while distributing TPT on site, so that the general public can also experience the charm of participating in blockchain payment in a timely manner.  

When users use TikPay, each transaction is settled in seconds, and the user cannot feel the complex operation behind it because of the role of TikPayNet, which enables quick connections between merchants, users, banks, and the following

TikPay further explains.

Unified digital asset address

When a user initializes the wallet, the TikPay wallet generates a unified asset address that binds the address of the user’s digital asset (the binding relationship follows the TikPay technical specifications) and decents the binding relationship after signing it to  TikPayNet.  Products that support TikPay specifications can verify and query the user’s asset address in a decentralized manner.  TikPay uses the T1 blockchain to bind unified and other addresses, enabling the decentralization of binding relationships.

Cross-chain trading

Cross-chain trading is possible to be widely promoted and used only if the user terminal supports cross-chain trading. TikPay supports isomorphic cross-chain and heterogeneous cross-chain protocols that enable users to exchange and transfer assets directly on different blockchains in a decentralized manner.

Asset issuance

TikPay can distribute and manage assets on TikPayNet through the API.  

Smart contract support

TikPay can publish and use contracts on  TikPayNet through the API, while allowing third parties to develop embedded plug-ins for smart contracts to extend the reach of wallets.

Third-party service support

In the future, with the development of blockchain technology, many applications will need to pay or trade through blockchain, TikPay can provide interfaces to third-party payment applications through native services, expanding blockchain applications.

Because of the characteristics of TikPay, in addition to the general payment function, for the banking system, commercial tandem cooperation also has its irreplaceable status, in the future, through TikPay to use users are not limited to the general public, for enterprises and banks of technical cooperation, I believe that not in the minority, through the TikPay system in series life is no longer out of reach.

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