The world’s first digital collaborative art platform

Before we talk about the world’s first collaborative art platform, we first need to get to grips with what NFTs are. Essentially, NFTs are cryptographic tokens which are a lot like a cryptocurrency in the sense that they are recorded on a blockchain and can be used to provide authenticity, ownership of anything. Whether that be physical or non-physical. Things like artwork, collectables and even real-estate can prove the ownership of artwork, collectables and even real-estate. This works a lot like how a blockchain works to settle financial transactions or track elements in a supply chain. NFTs stand for Non-Fungible Tokens and the “Non-fungible” bit means that the token is unique, there is nothing else like it, and cannot be duplicated or swapped for anything else.

Let’s look at an example. Say someone purchases some artwork that is authenticated by an NFT, they are not actually purchasing the digital asset, but rather they are purchasing the digitally authenticated token, which stipulates that THEY are the owner and no one else. However, anybody can actually download a copy of the artwork or whatever asset the NFT is tokenizing, but only the person who holds the NFT holds the contract that states their ownership rights. Put simply, the NFT declares you as the official owner.

How does CrowdStrength fit into all of this? Well it is a unique platform that allows anyone to join via invitation, giving them the opportunity to upload their own unique artwork. Once your artwork is uploaded to the platform, it will then be managed and will then be used to create collaborative crypto art. After this they will be sold and the profits will be shared between the creator and the site. One good thing to note, is that there is no limit to how many pieces of art you can upload. However, each piece of art will only be used once.

So how do you join? Currently CrowdStrength is only allowing people to join by invitation only. In order to join you will need to receive an invitation code. For now, each artist has only one invitation available. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a waiting list that you can join. Unfortunately they are experiencing a large number of people joining the waiting list, so as you can imagine they are busy. However, they will eventually get back to you and acknowledge your request to join the waiting list.

CrowdStrength has a specific number of artworks that will be created on the platform itself, which includes: 40 pieces of art that will be divided up into smaller pieces like so; 27 uncommon artworks, 9 rare artworks, 3 epic artworks, and 1 legendary piece. As the number of artworks decrease, the more people will collaborate on it. The purpose of CrowdStrength is to create a limited number of artworks, which will then be sold. It isn’t an open platform that will continue, it is however a platform that has a finite lifespan with one goal in mind.

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