The “Supernova” of FinTech — H.A.M. Super Intelligent Trading Bot

The global economy has been hit across the board by the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as information technology along with the wave of Internet and market applications has brought a 30-year industry turnaround, the trend of FinTech is further a prelude to a new generation of life. FinTech has turned around the traditional financial services in the past, transforming it into a new form of life where everyone can participate in financial services and wealth management as well as benefit for all. But how can the average investor follow the wave of the FinTech revolution?

The Super Intelligent Trading Bot—H.A.M Intelligent Trading System that uses Contract for Differences (C.F.D.) to provide flexible entry threshold and leverage benefit, has been born in compliance with the financial revolution and successfully swept eight index trading markets in Europe, America and Asia, providing epoch-making new choices for ordinary investors.

Harvest Asset Management is a global Asset Management enterprise established in Australia in 2017, providing multi-portfolio solutions. It holds ASIC and AFSL licences and is regulated by Australian financial institutions. Harvest Asset Management gathers elite technical teams from all fields worldwide, combining data technology, cloud computing, A.I., and C.F.D contract for difference trading, and successfully develops a set of automatic A.I. intelligent trading system — H.A.M. Intelligent Trading Bot that can independently analyze and trade at high speed.

H.A.M. Intelligent Trading Bot is equipped with “H.A.M. Deep Learning Neural Network”, which allows each system neuron to continuously challenge, learn from each other, and self-train by virtue of its extensive database and computing capacity. Through real-time global large data collection and accumulation, synchronous identification of market trends and high accuracy transaction data are obtained. H.A.M. Intelligent Trading Bot’s super neuro-like trading system also has the ability of automatic learning, independent adjustment, perspective-taking, and real-time decision-making. Combined with three trading models: R-breaker trading model, counter-trend trading model, and two-way grid trading model, it can guide multiple trading processes, adjust trading strategies in time, improve trading returns and maximize profits.

Since its launch, H.A.M. Intelligent Trading Bot has provided services for more than 30 institutional customers, creating a total trading asset of more than $250 million and arising a heated international discussion. With the H.A.M. Intelligent Trading Bot, even ordinary investment traders, who do not have time to learn, and do not have professional investment finance, can easily participate in the global index trading market.

Harvest Asset Management, which has achieved many successes in European and American markets, will look ahead and actively expand the market in the Asia-pacific region. In the next three years, Harvest Asset Management is expected to become the dominant FinTech enterprise with the fastest growth rate and the widest industry span in the Asia-pacific region.

As a high-tech representative of the era, the A.I. trading bot is the feature by high investment value, and the prosperity of this industry continues to improve. In this context, investors can take advantage of the one-click layout of H.A.M. Intelligent Trading Bot, grasping the best opportunity to achieve the goal of long-term and steady wealth appreciation.

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