The.Online ICO Overview – A Safe and Private Internet

What is Online.io?

The.Online (online.io) is a unique digital value that will provide a better user experience for Internet users by utilizing blockchain technology.
It is designed to wipe away various interfering items such as viruses, applications that collect data without consent, unwanted advertising and reaping new benefits to web operators and end users. It is often that very personal data is stored without our consent and their product will avoid this.

Their platform, OIO is a decentralized ecosystem with solutions for faster, safer and more private internet usage. On the platform, both users and manufacturers will be rewarded. Users of the ecosystem will get paid in IOI tokens by visiting sites that use this technology.

Large online companies and sovereign states should not have the ability to trace our data. The.Online will prevent this and make the internet private again. Making money to do this will enable the audience to take part and use the platform, which can make their digital value, token, valuable. The online.io platform should change the internet and revolutionize the internet experience by making it faster, unpredictable and virus-free, using the Ethereum blockchain. This will also help in achieving higher traffic and improved bandwidth, as well as giving us a new way of making money, especially when you own websites.


The most noteworthy benefits on this platform are that there is no advertising, data privacy (nobody will be able to track your location and personal data), antivirus, faster navigation, your own marketplace and last but not least, it’s based on Ethereum’s blockchain. A transparent and decentralized solution. According to the business plan, a beta version will be available to all token holders now in August.

Later this year, the mobile application will be launched. The implementation of the marketplace will take place in 2019.


The founder of the company is Alexandru Iulian Florea, who also founded Microleaves LTD, the worlds largest proxy network.
Among the advisors are names like Diana Vaduva from  (Delolite), Alexandru Zota (ZotaAds), Paul Badea (Hubs), Andrei Mihai Costecu (Jeco Capital) and more.


Their token unit, the OIO token, will be the foundation of The Online Platform. This will act as PoS (proof and stake) and will generate ICE Tokens, which are remembered by users on websites. A certain number of ICE tokens are generated each week and sent to the owners of the websites using OIO and those who own the token.

Tokens dividends are as follows: 5% of tokens are reserved for advisors, 10% for marketing and loyalty programs, 70% for sale through ICO.


Currently, the company has already collected over 5 million dollars and reached their soft cap.

Tokens will be available for sale until the end of July. These will eventually be available on several of the major exchanges that support ERC-20 tokens. Investors will have to go through a KYC verification. Participation in the initial coin offering is not allowed for citizens of China and the United States.

The ICO started June 15 and will last until the end of July (July 31).

The bonus structure is as follows:

  • June 15th – June 19th25% Bonus
  • June 20th – June 24th20% Bonus
  • June 25th – June 29th15% Bonus
  • June 30th – July 4th10% Bonus
  • July 5th – July 9th5% Bonus
  • July 10th – July 31stNo Bonus

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Author: Gustafio