The most interesting ICOs in Norway

Norway has long been an investment giant, impressing the world by investing in new technologies as the Oil reserve deplete and they try to find new sources of income for the nation. Despite being on the frontlines of investing in emerging and renewable technologies, the country has not been known to have had many ICOs, and it seems like Norway has not had too many interesting developments in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in years. While it might be true that the country has not had many blockchain developments in this sense, there have been quite a number of these. The variety of these blockchain developments has to be mentioned as well – the industries that the developments concern range from technological writes up apps all the way to the casino apps. But the the top ICOs that have been conducted or are being conducted in Norway right now are the ones we have listed below, simply for the reason of how innovative they are and how good they are at what they do.

Friend UP FRND

Friend UP is the first ICO that was ever held in Norway, and it can be considered to be one of the most impressive ICOs to be conducted to date. The developers produced a highly reliable and interesting operating system based on Blockchain technology that can be installed on most computers without an issue, but it is not limited just to the laptop or PC. You will be able to install the Friend OS onto any single one of your devices and have them connected all at the same time. The company aims to free their users from the influence of the larger tech companies, saying that with their product they aim to decrease the chances of the users being monitored by anyone at all. The OS enables the users to remain protected in the age when most of the large company OS is becoming more and more vulnerable, while also enabling a high level of customizability that allows users to experience the data they use the way they prefer.

The project has been highly praised and is currently offering users a chance to work with the OS for free with their trial version of the software, a nice option for most users.

Dragon DRG

Dragon coin might not be a Norwegian ICO and token, but it was 80% invested into by the Norwegian investment fund. The ICO funds a floating casino in Macau, making it the first token to be backed by a physical asset. The casino is one of the many investments into gambling that the Norwegian investment has made, but the Macau casino stands to be one of the more

impressive and lucrative investments. It’s location and the floating nature will allow it to be one of the few casinos able to offer services to mainland China citizens without repercussions from the Chinese government. An interesting investment and an exciting ICO that Norway has been a part of.

The ICO for the company was not conducted in Norway, but it has been heavily monitored and invested in by Norway. It is a trend that is a part of the Norwegian interest in cryptos, blockchain and cutting edge tech in general. Despite this type of interest, it is strange how there has been only one ICO conducted within the country in the past few years. Although many seem to cite the fact that it is expensive to conduct business within Norway as the reason for this. It is interesting to see what will happen in the near future as ICOs become more and more popular within the country. So far, only two ICOs can be fully associated with Norway and the second one of them did not even originate within the country.

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