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I think we can agree the ICO market is dead? In our opinion Crypto is the future in another stronger form but the rudimental flaws of ICO’s were kind of obvious. Our financial markets need transparency, not secrecy.

We have created the ILO Initial License Offerings. ILO’s are a revenue-based form of raising capital and gaining supporters and promoters of the business at the same time, the people power move for capital markets where fundamentals matter and our social market place can play a key role. We have put blood, sweat and tears into building it, refining it and making it perfect because its needed.
More than 50 global companies, representing over $300-million in funding are now issuing ILO’s to buyers across the globe on an innovative and unique platform.

ILOCX founder and CEO Edward Fitzpatrick said, “Our proprietary ILO structure allows companies to use the best attributes of Crowdfunding and modern-day Social Media to create a dynamic, the likes of which has never been seen before, it has been a gruelling build not just in tech but in legal documentation, processes and structure, we have been extremely successful in making something very complex look and feel very simple.”

ILO’s (Initial License Offering) are a revenue-based way of increasing awareness, raising capital and marketing to a wide audience at the same time. Companies that are revenue ready and scalable can issue an ILO and attract thousands of buyers and promoters who must qualify the ILO by promoting the underlying product or service on social media or other more traditional channels. The sales are booked as revenue but used like capital as they come in under a restricted offering all at once.

Phase one of the launch is complete with sales of licenses closing via the platform and funds raised have already been remitted to client companies. This carefully planned and executed market place stands ready to scale to multiple countries and multiple sectors with some already in soft launch.

ILOCX has signed up many great companies, dozens of which have already been through the various checks and preparations required to list. ILOCX has built an entire eco-system of connected sites to take the first mover advantage in a new sector for SME’s. The developing eco-system can be reviewed at

ILOCX can be reach via email here [email protected]

Press enquires please contact Todd Moore +44 203 097 1799

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